Voice Over News Source Offers Updates throughout the Day, 7 Days per Week

The voice over industry now has a daily source for news relating to voice actors, their craft and the business surrounding it. Voice Over Herald launched January 1st 2014 with a team of 3 journalists and 3 bloggers from backgrounds in voice over, marketing, casting , social media and blogging. 

Up until now the voiceover landscape was littered with sites that claimed to report news but were rarely updated and merely served as promotional vehicles for casting websites and voice recording services. Other sites were touting tickets to voice over conferences or voice actor’s personal gripes with the industry.


The brand new site already has a presence on social media with Twitter followers and Facebook likes growing rapidly.


To date Voice Over Herald has covered exclusive interviews with Dean Wendt (the voice over Barney the Dinosaur), respected voice coaches Marla Kirban, Bill DeWees, along with covering topics such as ‘Do I Need a Talent Agent?’


Voice Over Herald is spearheaded by Kurt Myers, a former marketing executive and advertising client manager. The challenge was to create a site that was easy to navigate, easy to read and easy to interact with.


The news site has even sparked the interest of other influential industry peers, like Dave Courvoisier. He blogged “Kurt Myers and some of the other staff contributors I’ve seen so far, are (in my humble estimation) accomplished in web authoring, marketing, sales, social media and online publishing.”


A pat-on-the-back from someone that is well rounded being a newscaster and voice talent. Courvoisier continues. “Seems to me, though, that they’re on a fast learning curve, passionate about this business, and are certainly producing a clean online publication.”


Along with the news coverage the site also features color stories like an in-depth look at why movie studios are choosing celebrity voice actors over unknown talent. Plus tips and advice from top voice over coaches and casting directors offering up advice to those starting out and established talent.


Female and professional male voice over artists are in high demand presently as the need for human voices continues, thanks to applications such as on smartphones and tablets. And with professional voice talent becoming more accessible to small business thanks to cheaper rates, now phone greeting messages can sound as professional as national brands.


Voice Over Herald is welcoming media releases, guest blog posts and comments on stories.

The online news source can be found at