Have the favorite voices of the Nickelodeon kids as your personal ringtone

Do you remember when you were a kid and you used to play celebrity dress up with your friends? I am sure you have always admired the Nickelodeon kids, as all the young ones do. How many times haven’t you imagined that your favorite celebrity is speaking to you or singing “happy birthday” to you? Now you have the chance to hear exactly what you want to hear from your favorite celeb, besides just watching the Hollywood news and gossip. How so? Easy, you will have to send a request and, if the famous person accepts, you will receive a nice personalized message to use as a ringtone or to show off to your buddies.

All of us have someone to look up to, no matter what we do. It can be a sports person, a journalist, a singer or an actor. All of these people are now famous because of us, their fans and because of the Hollywood news and gossip. So it is only normal that they would wish to make our day with a sweet message containing some personalized sweet words for us. You need to know that you can either opt to obtain a new message from the Nickelodeon kids or download one of the prerecorded ones. The services cost very little but remember how much you usually spend on tickets, shirts, movies, albums. The fee for the request is very little so you practically will not feel it at all. It is a very small price for an immense pleasure which you can enjoy for as long as you want.

Send the request to the Nickelodeon kids or other famous celebrities, accept and enjoy. It is a fast and simple process. This quest has the purpose to bring together celebrities and fans. For the first time, we have the chance to ask the person we idolize the most to tell us what we always wanted to hear. You don’t have to send just one request to one celeb. If you have various favorites, you can send requests to all of them. You can even surprise a friend. If he has an idol and you know he wants to hear a specific thing from the one he looks up to, send the request for him.

Online you have the chance to have your favorite celeb answer one of your questions or send you the personalized message you want. You don’t just have to watch the Hollywood news and gossip in order to hear something from them. I am sure that you have been dying to know how your name sounds on the lips of your favorite star. The voice of your idol could make a wonderful ringtone, so don’t hesitate to make your try. It is up to the celeb if he or she wants to offer you an answer or not, depending on what you are asking him to say. You will never know if you receive your answer unless you try.

Don’t wait anymore. If you are interested in hearing your beloved star making you a personal dedication, don’t hesitate to access the website. For more details about this new app, you can get the contact details of the service providers and call them. They will be happy to give more details about how this process works and helping you become part of this new and wonderful community. Even the most childish things you have on your mind can be asked, just send your request and all the famous people, including Nickelodeon kids will answer.

Do you admire  Nickelodeon kids   ? Besides reading the   Hollywood news and gossip     about them you can also send them a request for a personalized message.