In today’s shifting workplace, Emerging Women Live offers women a competitive edge and a new paradigm for success

Titled “Changing the World Through Feminine Leadership and Entrepreneurship,” the event will feature internationally recognized celebrities, thought leaders and change makers, such as Arianna Huffington, Brené Brown, Eve Ensler, Kris Carr & more

BOULDER, CO (July 17, 2014) —Recent research shows that when it comes to being perceived as effective leaders, women consistently rate as high as or higher than men, shattering outmoded stereotypes and antiquated gender roles as the global workplace embraces new and more innovative paradigms of leadership (Journal of Applied Psychology). One area that women consistently excel in is that of personal development—which leads to greater action, integrity, and achievement of results.

Up until very recently, the metrics for success in business had little regard for stereotypically feminine attributes such as empathy, compassion, collaboration and heart. Since 2012, Emerging Women Live has led the way in addressing this new and exciting shift, with innovative and soulful programming designed for women looking to lead with more authenticity and integrity.

Women from around the globe will gather for the second annual Emerging Women Live event October 9-12th in New York City to hear from leading CEOs, authors, entrepreneurs, and policy leaders such as Arianna Huffington, Eve Ensler, Brené Brown, Danielle LaPorte and more, who will share their sage wisdom in an intimate, interactive environment.

Participants will be inspired, gain knowledge, and find a sisterhood of powerful, conscious women—women who are choosing entrepreneurship as a path to a career of meaning and purpose, creative expression and financial success, as well as women in leadership or executive positions.

More speakers include: Annette Richardson (Senior Advisor at the United Nations Office for Partnerships), Tara Sophia Mohr (author of Playing Big), Karen May (VP of Learning and Development, Google), Tami Simon (CEO, Sounds True), Amanda Steinberg (founder/CEO, Daily Worth), Wokie Nwabueze (founder/Women Prepared to Lead), Kesha Cash (Partner & Director of Investments/Impact America), Jensine Larsen (founder/director, World Pulse Organization). For the full lineup of speakers, visit the Emerging Women website.  

Emerging Women Live helps women learn to leverage their feminine attributes in an empowering environment to redefine 21st century business culture ,” says Emerging Women founder and host Chantal Pierrat. “It used to be that fierce competitiveness ensured success, but we are moving into the age of partnership and collaboration. Women take this even further and go for true connection. Authenticity is becoming the new competitive edge. "

Emerging Women aims to build cross-sector relationships among women leaders representing a number of industries in our society. Says Pierrat: “We believe that business executives have a lot to gain working with entrepreneurs, non-profits with for-profit enterprises, engineers with social workers, and so on. The product of diversity is creativity, and we need extremely creative solutions to the problems we are facing in the world today. As natural connectors and collaborators, Emerging Women sees the potential for women to break down existing industry "silos" and re-configure how we have traditionally done business.”

About Chantal Pierrat, founder and host of Emerging Women Live:

For 10 years, founder Pierrat served as the VP of Sales and Marketing for Sounds True, a multimedia publishing company focused on spirituality, personal growth, and holistic living. She spearheaded the successful launch of the Wake Up Festival, their first annual national event with over 25 speakers and 800 attendees. She founded Emerging Women and Emerging Women Live in 2012.

About Emerging Women Live:

Emerging Women Live is for women leaders and entrepreneurs who share a vision to change the world by living the truth of who they are. These are women who are burning with desire to fully express themselves through the work they do, while promoting a new paradigm of success that leverages the incredible power of the feminine: connection, intuition, receptivity, compassion, sensuality, and heart.

Speakers cover many areas of the “emerging” process such as inspiration, creativity, vision, courage, and personal voice, and we also dive into the nuts and bolts of starting or scaling a business in today’s tech-savvy marketplace. Ultimately, the aim of Emerging Women Live is to promote the rise of women across the globe – to create a world where we women have a strong voice and can fully participate in the creation of our future in all areas of life.

Emerging Women, the parent organization of Emerging Women Live, offers grassroots “power parties” as well as national events for conscious women in the workforce seeking new networking tools and advice as well as ways to live balanced and harmonious lives.

2014 event sponsors include: The Omega Institute, Mailchimp, Squarespace, Bhakti Chai, Future State, LUNA, Ms. Magazine, Science of Mind, Sounds True, Spirituality & Health, Women for One and more.