Praxis Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation – Getting Back on the Game after an Injury

Vernon Hills – For people in the sports world, getting injured is a nightmare. An injury does not only mean wasted time sitting out games, lost time for speed training in Vernon Hills but also a deep cut into one’s emotional well-being. It can wound someone and make a person depressed, especially in career-ending types of injuries. If you are lucky enough to get away with an injury that does not end your sports career, you need to get back on your feet, and Praxis is here to help you every step of the way.


There are several things that one needs to do to recover from an injury. First, know what happened. And in this case, it is best to talk to a professional. It is very common for people to simply “man it up” and ignore the injury. They tend to self-diagnose themselves and even do their own treatment that they end up making the situation worse. Thus, if you get injured, consult a doctor to know what really happened and what needs to be done to recover from it. 

Second, deal with the problem. Do not shake it off and ignore. If you keep on masking out the pain with over-the-counter-medications and a strong face, sooner or later your problem will no drug or pride can cover it up. Accept the situation and deal with it. Let go of your emotion and don’t contain them inside. It’s normal to feel sad about it, but learn to move on do something about it. 

Third is to stay positive. Learn from your mistakes and stay positive. Have the motivation and spirit to overcome this problem in your life because this is not the end of all the hard work you’ve sacrificed to get to where you are. We all have our difficult time and in surviving such trials that make our victory much sweeter. 

And fourth is to train smart, which is best done with the guidance of a highly trained physical therapist who knows the dos and don’ts of proper rehabilitation for a successful recovery. This being said, Praxis offers physical therapy and sports accident rehabilitation programs, including sports performance testing in Vernon Hills. They are a rehabilitation center of professional and experienced physical therapists who will work with you every step of the way until you make your way back to the game. They offer excellent services and personally invest in your care to help you achieve your goals. If you want to recovering from a sports injury, they are the team you can rely on you walk with your step by step. 

Their process starts with evaluation of your current stat, including body balance, strength, movement ability, and flexibility. Then they will help you define realistic and timely objective and goals. Based on your assessment and defined goals, your physical therapist will come up with an exercise program designed to help the individual enhance performance to the maximum level to eventually achieve the set goals. Additionally, an injury prevention program is also created to help protect the shoulders, elbows, ACLs, lower back, hamstrings, quads, knees, and ankles. 

At Praxis, you will work with one licensed physical therapist from day one until your last rehabilitation day to ensure continuity of therapy. The care begins even before the therapy because they get to know their patients, their personality, goals and also the story that brought them there before any program is started. They know that trust and rapport are essential in a therapist-patient professional relationship to ensure cooperation, understanding and a smoother process in general. So they will make sure that these are established early on. Your therapist will be there throughout the way. You will not have to face the problem on your own. 

Praxis not only has the educated and experienced therapists but they also have the latest equipment, machines and tools. These include dumbbells, treadmills, Smith machine, Maxicam bench press machine, StairMasters, Airdyne bikes, Plytoss rebounder, Bosu balance balls, Thera-balls, BAPS board, leg press or squat machine and several other high end technology. 

Acquiring an injury is no laughing matter. It should not be ignored, as well. If you want to recover from it, it is best to talk with professional so that proper therapy is implemented. Whenever you are in need of professional physical therapy and rehabilitation or  speed training and sports performance testing in Vernon Hills, Praxis is the team you can trust. They have helped several athletes, amateurs and professionals, get back on their feet after an injury. For more details on what they can offer, you can visit their site,, or give them a call at 847-247-7200.