Social Security Disability Applications Are Stalled at the Initial Level

Sandy, UT -08/04/2014 - Matt Nielson Disability Law, a Social Security Disability law firm, reports that at the end of the fiscal year 2013, 698,000 people are waiting for their initial application to be approved by the Social Security Administration. Considering, that about 70% of first applications are denied, it means that thousands of applicants, even after the appeals process, could wait considerably longer to receive final SSD approval.

The Social Security Administration’s Financial Report of 2013 projects that the number initial disability claims could reach 900,000 in 2014, an all time high. Due to the government shutdown last year and the reduction in Social Security Administration staff, the wait time could increase substantially this year.

“It is now more important than ever for initial applications to be submitted to the SSA correctly. Many claims are denied because of simple technical errors or missing information, such as incomplete medical records,” states Barrie Nielson of Matt Nielson Disability Law.

Nielson offers several tips for applying for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits:

1. Eligibility: Before you begin your paperwork, make sure your disability could qualify you for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). Know where you initially stand before submitting an application. Your age and work history, such as how long you have worked and if you have paid enough FICA taxes are basic considerations, in filing a SSDI claim. ?

2. Avoid Errors: Fill out the application accurately. You will lose credibility if there are discrepancies in the application paper work you submit. Simple errors can prevent your application from being approved. Make sure you have adequate paper work to prove your disability. Detailed work history and medical records are vital for approval.

3. Be Patient: It will take several months before your application will be reviewed by the SSA and then there is a good chance your claim will be denied. Be prepared to file an appeal in a timely manner.

4. Don’t give up: It’s easy for applicants to become discouraged if their initial claim is denied and fail to file an appeal. If you are patient and go through the appeals process, the chances of your claim being approved increase substantially.

Reach Out For Help: Don’t feel you have to go it alone. The application and the entire process can be over-whelming to the layman. Experts can guide you though the entire process: Determining all possible qualifications, setting dates and meeting requirements, gathering the necessary paperwork, filing an appeal and help you understand the appeals process. These are just a few of the areas of expertise that a qualified lawyer or advocate can help you with. A disability expert on your side can eliminate frustration, confusion, and discouragement.

The experienced professionals at Matt Nielson Disability Law can help you determine your eligibility, help you prepare your initial application correctly and, if necessary, appeal your claim before a SSA judge.

“Our disability law team is unique in that we work with clients from the very beginning. We help clients prepare their initial application which goes a long way toward setting up a favorable decision from the start,” says Nielson.

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About Utah Social Security Disability Advocate Barrie Nielson
Barrie Nielson has a Masters Degree of Liberal Studies with a focus on SSD insurance. He has been a vocational expert for the Social Security Administration’s Office of Disability Adjudication and Review, appearing as a witness in over 1700 cases. He has been a registered Social Security Disability advocate since 1992, successfully serving clients across the nation.

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