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Free SEO Tools

Even in white hat SEO, during optimizing a website we need some tools that make easy our SEO process and help in promoting a website. A number of SEO training institutes in Pakistan introducing different tools for different tasks, but in this article I’ll explains about some tools that are valuable and free.

Keyword research tool

In getting SEO services it is our primary need to know that which keyword will be use full for our SEO campaign keeping in view the region in which we want to promote our business. In this regard Google Ad word Keyword Tool is the best Free SEO tool which tells you about your keyword searches locally and internationally. More over, it gives you some ideas of other keywords that are suitable for your business strategies.

Google Trends

Another free tool that is usually used by SEO Experts in Pakistan and other SEO companies out side of Pakistan is google trend. To a great extent it is similar to google ad word keyword tool. The biggest advantage of this tool is to explain about the future of a key word as well as the past of a keyword. In the light of these predictions we can change our strategy and improve the results.

XML Sitemap Generator

Sitemap is the essential part of SEO. When a crawler visits a website, it first checks the site map of a website placed in a home directory of a website. Because of this crawler knows that which pages of your website are present. According

To SEO Experts that you should renew you your website after every fifteen days and when ever you make any changes. It is also a free tool and can be obtained easily from google.

Back link Checking

Back links promotes your website. It tells you that to which websites you are linked. and back link watch .com are the most popular websites to check your links.

Competition Checker

To analyze competition of your keyword and competitor website, will help you in this regard. Some features of this software are free and some are paid.

Google Analytic

It is very valuable and totally free tool. It gives you many useful information regarding to your website like telling you about keywords through which visitors comes to your site and the page to whom they land. You can search date wise result too.

Web master Tool

This is also free tool and gives you many information regarding to your website. It shows you that where is the problem in your website, how many pages are indexed in google and tell you about site map too.

SEO Small Tool

This tool gives you to availing different facilities to improve your optimization like rank cgecker, keyword checker and other facilities

These are some useful free SEO tools. A number of other free SEO tools you can find on internet. If you have any question regarding to free SEO tools, SEO training In Urdu, SEO Services and web designer in Gujranwala Pakistan, feel free to contact us.