Professional Home Drainage And Anti Flood Solutions From Oakleigh Manor

Oakleigh Manor, an industry-leading landscape firm in the United Kingdom, offers professional home drainage and anti flood solutions. The company discusses their services on their website.

[KENT, June 9,2014] – Oakleigh Manor, a leading landscape company in the United Kingdom, provides professional drainage systems for residential gardens, patios, and driveways. They employ anti flood solutions on residential properties through drainage and landscaping schemes.


Excellent Design Planning And Implementation

Oakleigh Manor has a team of specialists that provides design and installation services of drainage systems for residential driveways and patios. They assist clients throughout the designing and installation processes. Initially, they arrange an on-site meeting to guide clients in selecting the best options for their homes. They initiate the creation of a Drainage Design Package Proposal after gathering information and relevant data. They tailor their solutions according to the needs and specifications of the clients.


The company strives to provide a complete package solution by conducting a survey of all surface levels. They designate a drainage designer who will help in selecting the appropriate system for the driveway and patio. After establishing a well-communicated plan, they make sure that their team installs the correct storm water discharge on the property, while meeting all building regulations.


Flood Prevention Solutions

Oakleigh Manor features a range of porous resin bound gravel, asphalts and sett paving that are designed for flood prevention. These types of material aid in stopping the water from entering properties. With drop kerbs her techniques, they design drainage systems that keep water away from the house and garden.


The company values craftsmanship with services based on high quality techniques that protect the investment of the clients with durable and long-standing solutions. The company is dedicated to providing excellent customer service, guaranteeing clear and transparent drainage and landscaping services. They seal contracts that are based on the budget proposal of clients, and projects customized to their requirements.



Since 1996, Oakleigh Manor has been one of the experienced landscape firms across the United Kingdom. They provide a multitude of disciplines for residential and commercial landscape projects through a team of expert designers, engineers, horticulturalists and landscapers. They are committed to designing and building cutting edge drainage systems and techniques throughout London, Surrey, Sussex, Kent and Essex.


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