About Coated Lens

Nowadays, classified with the colors, the coated lens includes green coating, blue coating, gold coating, red coating and so on. So what kind of coating do you think is best as a customer?

Actually, the best coating should be equipped with features of the highest light transmittance and extremely low light reflection.

The general coating: refers to the mirror-like coating on the surface of the lenses of sunglasses. Some of the colors are light and some are dark. You can choose the color according to the intensity of sunlight: if the sunlight is strong, then you need glasses with dark-color coating. The color, dark as the sunshade installed on the window of a car, is very effective for sun shading but lens with such dark-color coating would be scratched easily and thus need particular attention.

AR coating: is usually applied in myopia or quality lens. It is a mixture of multiple super thin layers of inorganic compound, and has been coated on the surface of the lens by using advance vacuum-coating machines to imitate vacuum coating. AR coating can improve the light transmittance, clarity and comfort of the lens; and meanwhile reduce reflection and radiation; and help the wearer see things more clearly and reduce the possibility of feeling eye fatigue.

REVO coating: is applied in almost all the sport glasses. There are REVO blue, REVO red, REVO green, REVO orange coatings etc. The REVO coating consists of 8 to 12 layers of mirror coating, which is extremely thin. It is very expensive and is of various bright colors. And it is very effective on the aspect of anti-radiation and water –proof which means the water on the lens will flow away quickly without lingering. And the feature of water-proof enables the surface of the lens to be very smooth.