The Legend of Pinky G and the Pink Garter Theatre

Have you ever wondered how the Pink Garter Theatre, The Rose and Pinky G’s became what they are today?
Here is the legend of the Pink Garter Theatre, Pinky G’s and the matriarch Rose who watches over the plaza.
Rose is the name of the matriarch of the Pink Garter when it was a house of ill repute. She was a beautiful but tough woman, and as respected as anyone in town. She had some big assets, and of course was not afraid to show them off.
This was the first sight that welcomed every customer, which put every man at ease. No man ever dared to mistreat one of her ladies, or they had to deal with Rose’s thorns. In the center of every pink garter is a rose, which graced the leg of every girl who worked under her. Hence, Rose was the heart right in the center of the Pink Garter.
Pinky G was the nickname of Rose’s daughter. Although Pinky G’s father is unknown, no one dared to ask Rose. Pinky G was a handful as a child and that rolled right into being a young adult. As a result of growing up at the Pink Garter, Pinky G took on her mother’s good looks and strong will.
After Rose passed, Pinky decided that she was tired of the rough and tumble world her mom had created at the Pink Garter, and wanted to move the business in a different direction. She soon was courted by an Italian man who swooned her with his charm and his passion for fine food and drink. He brought a worldly knowledge of wine and food to her and together they opened the Italian restaurant and bar we all know today as — Pinky G’s.
Now, the Pink Garter Theatre, The Rose and Pinky G’s still stand together in the Pink Garter Plaza in Jackson.
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Disclaimer: The story above is the legend of The Rose, The Pink Garter Theatre and Pinky G’s. What we do know is that the The Pink Garter Theatre was the original name of the now Jackson Hole Playhouse, which is the oldest framed building in Jackson Hole — built 1916. The building used to be a blacksmith, a buggy shop and once even a brothel.
From the 1950s through the 1970s, the Pink Garter lived at 145 West Deloney, then the Garnick’s took over and called it the Jackson Hole Playhouse and the name moved over to 50 West Broadway, which is now the Pink Garter Theatre, The Rose and Pinky G’s.