The Importance of Software Integration

Software can often help businesses improve their performance and increase efficiency, but it can also hinder them at the same time. When software platforms are needlessly complex, inefficient, or incompatible with other necessary technology, they create a barrier to performance and often increase the amount of work that needs to be done. That's why integrated software, or software that combines all or most of a business' essential programs and tools into one application, has become such an important step to achieving true technological efficiency.

Integrated software has many benefits, including:

·         Improved efficiency – Efficiency is the lifeblood of business. The business that can perform a service faster while maintaining the same level of quality as its competitors will always win out. For many businesses, document management is one of the hardest parts of their operation to make more efficient. Generating, sharing, editing, and finding documents can be very time consuming, especially when multiple independent platforms and software are used to handle the process. With integrated software, especially integrated document management software, the process becomes much simpler, and therefore more efficient. When users from across a company can easily share and edit documents through a single platform, the work becomes much easier to complete, and tasks can be completed with the same level of quality at a faster rate than before.

·         Increased sales – Improved efficiency does not just positively impact a company's internal operations. It can also have a huge influence on the company’s sales. In the era of ecommerce and mobile technology, customers expect to be able to place their orders easily, and have their requests responded to immediately. Businesses that struggle with internal efficiency are not able to meet those demands as well as those that have streamlined their operations with integrated software, and thus are likely to lose business to those competitors.

·         Improved work environment – Integrated software is designed to allow work to be done more quickly and easily. When employees and managers are able to perform their tasks, meet their quotas, and otherwise perform their jobs with greater ease, it improves the general mood of a company, which in turn makes the company more productive. Unnecessarily complex processes can cause undue stress for employees, making them unhappier and creating an unpleasant work environment. This problem can be solved when processes are streamlined and easier-to-use platforms are introduced. This can be accomplished with integrated document workflow strategies.

·         Increased profits – When improved efficiency, increased sales, and improved work environments are all put together, they add up to a more profitable company. Integrated software platforms allow businesses to do more work in less time, which increases output, performance, and turnaround.

Whether a business is long established or just getting off the ground, integrated software solutions can be phased into its operations to greatly improve overall workflow. The sooner they are implemented, the faster a business will be able to make use of all the advantages that software integration allows, and the sooner it will be able to gain competitiveness in the marketplace.


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