Daniel Levine: The augmented reality trend is pushing in to our lives

New York, NY -- Noted trends expert and public speaker Daniel Levine is following the fast-moving trend of augmented reality. To augment means to make something greater by adding to it, and this trend is full of examples of technological upgrades that make reality more fulfilling.

“The technology is now out there to make this possible,” says trends expert Levine. “A smart device user can literally have a whole new interaction with the world with the touch of a button.”

Several apps have been developed that give the shopper an idea of what furniture will look like at home before it is purchased. IKEA is one of the biggest users of the technology, which allows shoppers to combine pictures of furniture and their homes to see if the right purchase is being made.

Other developers are using this technology to put real meaning on abstract concepts. For example, an app gives drivers extra safety information, including distance measurement between vehicles and how much time stopping time is available before a collision occurs. Another app gives physical control to virtual objects, allowing users to open menus with the wave of a hand. Even newspapers are adopting the technology- In Japan, print is coming to life to make the news more accessible for children.

Apps have also been developed that allow women to try out makeup styles virtually before attempting them in reality. The same technology is available for children, allowing them to play with makeup without the mess.

“So far, many of these trends are being used to test ideas and interact with environments,” says Levine. “The technology provides comfort and security, and it is exciting to see where this trend will go.”

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