Airwheel E6 smart folding electric bicycles reviews, a peculiar transporting vehicle

Airwheel is going to announce another folding electric bike, E6. It is the new series product after expanding its product line and this action can be called meaningful and significant. What does it look like and what are the advantages of this new series product? Next you will see.

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The first thing we saw is the special appearance of E6 e-bikes. The main skeleton looks like a big “X” and the folding joint of main skeleton is located at the intersection of the big letter “X”. Of course, there are other folding parts, handrails, cushions and pedals. This time, the foldable cushions are special in material and structure. The cushion discards the sponge but selects the more comfortable and breathable rubber. Besides, E6 electronic bike has separate seat with two parts. This design allows riders to sit more comfortably and also makes it well ventilated.

Although you may think the 8-inch tires are small, they can support E6 best e bike to perform well in coping with each kind of road conditions. It can’t be a trouble for E6 electric bicycle, as a new city transporting tool. Meanwhile, for gaining more steady riding experience, E6 electric bike adopts the double shock mitigation system at front and rear wheels.

Amazingly, the accelerating and decelerating of E6 electric bike kit are both controlled by C-AT vehicle control system. Riders can control the speed easily only by pushing the button in the handrail. Such simple and rapid operating also lowers the probability of error operations. Moreover, E6 bicycle electric is also mounted with headlight for making the view ahead of riders more clear and intelligent braking taillight for further avoiding the insecurity factors.

Exquisite, delicate, mini, elegant, graceful are all used for describing Airwheel E6 e-bikes. It is really a unique equipment for daily commuting.

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