Why UK Medical Schools Are Among the Best in the World

The United Kingdom is one of the best countries to achieve your dream of becoming a medical doctor. According to a recent ranking of top medical schools in the world, three UK universities rank among the top ten medical schools in the world.

Therefore, medical students studying in the UK have the potential of becoming some of the best medical practitioners in the world.

Here are top reasons UK medical schools are among the best in the world, and why you should strive to

1. Stiff competition

Nobody will trust the lives of their loved ones in your hands if they aren’t convinced that you went through rigorous medical training. Getting to a medical school in the UK requires that you distinguish yourself not just academically, but also mentally and psychologically.

To get enrolled in a medical school, you definitely need good grades in the core scientific subjects such as biology, chemistry and physics. Scoring a high mark in the UKCAT is another vital requirement. This online test is specifically developed to examine your cognitive abilities, critical thinking, logical reasoning and attitudes.

2. Student satisfaction

Apart from academic excellence, UK universities also guarantee a high level of student satisfaction. The National Student Survey has recently revealed that many UK universities place a huge premium on student satisfaction, and this is quite reassuring for prospective students who want to get their money's worth. Since no school wants to be found at the bottom position, they’re working on creating value and making students’ academic endeavors unique all through.

3. Research quality

Organizations like The Health of the Nation, in association with medical schools council published a journal about the impact of UK medical schools’ research. Extensive information was revealed about how UK medical schools’ research has boosted UK’s economy, delivered benefits to the society, and also improved clinical practice. This alone prepares students’ minds for thorough research and also to join the league of individuals helping to protect the lives of other people.  

4. Depth of study

As long as you’re ready to learn, UK medical schools are ready to feed your thirst with as much learning as you desire. Most UK medical schools open up ways for you to intercalate other studies into your schedule. Students are allowed to take up postgraduate courses in clinical research, clinical education, molecular medicine etc.

5. Graduate prospects

The future that lies ahead of you as a medical student in the UK is as bright as you can imagine. From the high job prospect almost immediately after graduation, to relatively good salaries, high status and the joy of giving back to the society, the list is boundless.

Excelling in the medical field depends on so many factors. Apart from putting in outstanding performances at all levels of your academic sojourn, the environment where you study also helps you stand out as a medical practitioner. This is what places UK medical schools among the best in the world.