Blogger has suggestion on starting a new business


Many think Jim McCarthy is out of his mind.

His latest blog post is about starting a business, a new one, with only $500.00.

“Most folks hear my ideas and assume that I am off of my rocker until they really read and understand my point and how to do it,” said McCarthy with a slight chuckle.

McCarthy runs a blog about business and after thirty plus years in business for others and himself, he has a good idea of what works and what does not.

This blog focuses on the premise a website is already up and running, and there is traffic coming to your site.  Those who are interested will find backlinks to his previous blogs on setting up a website, choosing a name and the like.  Ultimately, the real part of being successful in business has a start beyond this.

It starts with a book.  There are lots of books available on how you can make money in various ways, but these books have one major thing in common.

“There are plenty of sites that will promise you mega-bucks and get-rich-today offers, but most of the riches come to the site owner only,” said McCarthy.

The book McCarthy is referring to is one that he himself has used, successfully. “This is the best book I recommend for anyone who has followed me to this point because this book has the best tools for getting new business coming your site,” said McCarthy.

The book retails for about $30.00, but McCarthy can help readers get it, as he did, for free.  How to do so is the topic of his next blog.

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