Airwheel E3 smart electric bicycle filled in backpack just meets your demands

In addition to the electric scooters, there are electric bikes in Airwheel. Airwheel electric bike E3 was launched recently to better serve young people who commute every day between company and home. Airwheel E3 backpack electric bicycle just meets your demands that serves an efficient commuting alternatives for people who get frustrated by crowded public transportation and worsening road conditions. In this summer, Airwheel Technology launched another new type of intelligent vehicle, electric bike E3 to serve daily commuters better.

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Airwheel E3 smart electric folding bike gives full expression to multiple folding aesthetics. Multiple folding system is to provide riders a brand-new riding experience. The folding size is 474*399*374mm, as small as a backpack. With 12.5kg item weight, Airwheel E3 can be stored in the office, car trunk and home easily. Even women riders can lift them easily. Smooth riding experience without the annoyance of heavy traffic is more comfortable and freer.

Airwheel E3 e bike in backpack is coupled with car-level Li-ion battery set, light and delicate, ingenious combination of utility and beauty. Also, the battery is replaceable which can charge electronic devices in time of need. Users with a backup battery can enjoy longer riding distance. The built-in USB port transforms the battery into a portable power source, compatible with many smart devices.

An ergonomic saddle design with balanced force and good ventilation guarantees more comfortable riding experience. Women are often keen on mini, labor-saving and comfortable gadgets. Airwheel E3 folding electric bike suits them well in daily commuting. E3 chooses LED high brightness and energy saving design, to illuminate the light-insufficient environment. What’s more, the innovative C-AT Vehicle Control System comes into fruition after numerous experiments. It offers optimized initiating mode of vector controller and provides better brake power solution.

People have to suffer the pressures of both work and family responsibility. Airwheel E3 smart electric bike knows exactly what they need and at least share their trouble of daily commuting. To make life easier, Airwheel intelligent electric scooter is making its own contribution.

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