Colored Glasses are not Always Sunglasses

If the lenses of a pair of glasses are red, yellow, purple or green, then can we call it sunglasses? Absolutely not! Previously, the color of the lens of sunglasses is usually dark brown or dark blue; presently, the appearance of a lot of colored glasses has misled people that colored glasses are sunglasses. Following the trend, lots of people begin to wear colored glasses and think they are cool.

Actually, although the protection effect of colored lens to the eyes does exist, the truth that the lens itself cannot block UV rays means it has no basic function of sunglasses. If you wear colored glasses without the function of UV protection, you will get more dangerous consequences than not wearing sunglasses. This is because human has the instinct of self-protection. When the strong lights touch our eyes, the size of pupils will reduce promptly and naturally to decrease the amount of UV rays that can enter into the eyes. When wearing the colored glasses, the size of pupils will enlarge and thus have more UV rays with more intense power enter into the eyes. The consequence can be really serious.