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USA - With the continuous development and expansion of scale, artists' strength, management and others, the recognition and consumers' acceptance to handmade oil painting reproduction from website has had greatly increasing. To let more and more consumers know more about art-inthebox, the editor from this world famous online custom oil painting supplier will introduce with people some of their hot selling oil painting reproduction.

The first consumer favored oil painting reproduction should be Leonardo Da Vinci's "Mona Lisa". This oil painting had succeeded in shaping the urban middle class women in the rising period of capitalism. According to records, the Mona Lisa was originally a furrier's wife in Florence and her age in the painting is only 24 year-old. Mona Lisa's fantastic smile should be the most attractive figurer and brushwork of this masterpiece. With superb drawing skills, Leonardo Da Vincishown the woman's smile crossed her face, especially the pouty mouth and the relaxed laughing muscles make Mona Lisa smile become serene calm and meaningful. Many art historians called it the mysterious smile. However, this painting has been hot sold by art-inthebox during the past 6 month. Some clients even ask for replacing the original face with their own face on it.

The second one which the editor from Art in the box wants to let people know should be the famous "Impression, Sunrise" painted by Claude Monet. The painting depicts the sunrise through the mist at the Foer harbor. The brushwork of this painting depict the unclear harbor and sunrise in the morning mist and the using of variety of colors gives the surface of this painting with the infinitely brightness. This should be a true picture of the painter's visual impression which given by light and color of the sunrise of French port city. Since the skills and style of this painting broke the shackles of traditional painting, some critic borrowed the title of this painting to taunt Monet and other young artists with the name "Impressionism". That should be the origin of this name. This is very funny. For some people who like the impressionism style, the reproduction for this painting is very welcomed.

The last hot selling oil painting reproduction editor want to tell people should be the well-known Liberty Leading The People is one of the most romanticism works of French painter Eugene Delacroix. With unrestrained enthusiasm, this world famous Painter praised the revolutionary movement launched by workers, petty bourgeoisie and intellectuals. The woman who rising the tricolor symbol reflects the romantic feature prominently. She was healthy, strong, firm, beautiful and simple and led the workers and intellectuals achieve the success of revolutionary. The dramatic effects formed by strong light and shadow formed and rich and full of blazing colors form the strong, dynamic, tense and passionately atmosphere. That should be the most typically feature for this masterpiece. The hand painted reproduction for this masterpiece from should be the most welcomed one.

However, this article is not over. In order to let consumers know more about our products and our first class skills and strength, our editor will regularly introduce with people the famous and beautiful oil painting around the world. People who want to order the handmade oil painting could directly contact us.

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