Arctic Chiropractic South Anchorage Provides Sports Injury Pain Relief Options

Anchorage AK, 29-APRIL-2014 - Arctic Chiropractic and Dr. Joel Ingersoll DC, are pleased to announce that athletes no longer have to suffer ongoing or chronic pain following an injury on the track or playing field. Even weekend athletes can obtain pain relief by scheduling a consultation with the doctors at the Anchorage neck pain clinic. A variety of methods are available to reduce the level and duration of pain due to athletic injuries.

Speaking in an interview recently, the doctor explained, "When you are participating in sports, there is a likelihood of injuries. Muscles and connective tissue may be stretched beyond the normal range. This action can cause tearing of muscle tissue. Falls can cause twisting and jolting of the extremities and spinal column. Failure to warm up properly can cause pain and additional injuries."

He continues, "We recommend that injury victims schedule a consultation with our professionals as soon as possible following an injury, even if pain is not present initially. An injury that causes a misalignment of the spinal column may not be recognized until days or even weeks later when the pain has increased to a significant level. We can identify the potential for pain and take steps to prevent it."

Chiropractic medicine is always natural and non-invasive. It doesn't make use of drugs, chemicals or pharmaceuticals to mask pain. Acute pain relief is followed by education about methods to improve overall health and wellness. A better quality of life is the goal that the chiropractic doctors provide for patients, regardless of age or injury type.

Learn more about recovery from sports and recreational injury pain by visiting the links at today. Members of the press and individuals who have further questions about the information in this press release are encouraged to contact Dr. Ingersoll at the location presented below.

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