Solar Bright Spot This Earth Day: Americans Are Embracing Solar Energy, According to a New Survey of Homeowners

Solar is rising significantly as a home energy alternative, according to new nationwide market research. While just three percent of homeowners surveyed said that they installed solar in the last 12 months, twice that many expect to add solar panels to their homes in 2015.

“Clearly, America is turning to the sun this Earth Day,” says Yoram Samets of KSV, the Vermont–based marketing firm that commissioned the research.

KSV polled 1,345 homeowners across five regions of the country and across diverse demographic segments (age, income, gender, marital status, ethnicity, presence of children, household size, educational level) earlier this year.

Another sign of soaring solar: Almost 600,000 homes and businesses in America now generate energy from the sun, according to the Solar Energy Industries Association.

Curiously, 21% of homeowners think that installing solar panels on their roofs will help them actually save energy. Apparently they conflate energy efficiency benefits with energy generation technology.

Other unexpected findings from the KSV research include the fact that almost 86% of homeowners believe the world will be better off because of energy efficiency, 82% believe energy efficiency can help America’s energy independence, and 72% believe energy efficiency can reduce emissions and delay climate change.

Yet less than half of those surveyed (46%) invested in an energy efficiency measure last year. Clearly, people’s actions lag their good intentions.

KSV ( is a Vermont-based marketing firm that moves people to think, act and buy sustainably.