Global Insights & Statistical Analysis of Hair Shampoo Market, 2015-2019

Hair Shampoo Market - Global Insights & Statistical Analysis 2015-2019 is a new market research publication announced by Reportstack. 

Growth Factor of the Hair Shampoo Market:

Emerging economies such as Brazil, India, Russia, and China offer significant opportunities for hair shampoo product vendors. The disposable income of the working class in BRIC countries has increased significantly over the last decade. The female populations in these emerging economies are now spending much more on hair care products including shampoos, thus contributing to the growth of this market.

The APAC region offers a large consumer base that is eager to follow trends emerging from western countries. These trends hold a significant influence over consumer preferences in the APAC region. Such developments have encouraged vendors to launch better quality and premium hair shampoo brands in this region. The overall Hair Shampoo Market is expected to grow steadily and post a CAGR of around 5% during the forecast period.

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Market Demand for Organic Shampoo in the Market:

Shampoos are produced from chemicals, fillers, additives, and synthetic ingredients that are capable of harming the hair and can cause side effects to the scalp. Recently, Many shampoo brands were withdrawn from the European market because of the high levels of chemicals present in them. It has caught the consumers’ attention, and the market is witnessing a gradual shift towards organic products.

Many companies are developing hair shampoo products from natural ingredients that are safer and more effective. For instance, Unilever has a natural professional hair shampoo product line under the brand name Suave. To position these products as premium products, vendors highlight their "natural ingredients” in the promotional activities. Suave Professional Natural Infusion shampoo contains no parabens and dyes and is a popular choice in this category. The Clairol Herbal Essence also launched the Naked Line range with zero percent heavy residues, parabens, and dyes. Similarly, other vendors are also looking at product launches in this category given its rising demand.

Competitive Market Landscape of Hair Shampoo:

The Hair Shampoo Market is fragmented with the presence of many vendors that have significant market shares. These vendors range from global corporations that offer vast product ranges of advanced hair care products, to small and medium-sized regional companies that concentrate on single product lines.

With increasing product ranges and new product launches, vendors are focusing on competitive pricing to stay ahead in the market. Many are bringing new product through commercial endorsements from celebrities and other specific branding activities. Though it has resulted in high marketing costs that impact their operating margins, these strategies have significantly influenced consumer preferences. For instance, P&G launched many new marketing campaigns for its products after the London Olympics in 2012 taking sportspersons as brand ambassadors. Personalities roped in were the likes of champion swimmers such as Natalie Coughlin for Pantene and Michael Phelps for the Head & Shoulders brand. The Olympic Games campaign has achieved higher returns than ever for the company.

Top Companies of the Hair Shampoo Market:

Some of the other prominent vendors include Alfaparf, Avon, Cadiveu, Chatters Canada, Colgate-Palmolive, Combe, Kurt Wolff, Estée Lauder, Eugène Perma, Farouk, Hairjamm, J&J, John Paul, Kevin Murphy, La Biosthetique, Macadamia Natural Oil, Milbon, Moroccanoil, Pravana International, Revlon, Shiseido, Toni & Guy, Unicosmetic, Vogue, and World Hair Cosmetics.

Overview of the Key Leading Countries of the Hair Shampoo Market:


US is the largest market for hair shampoo products. Vendors have introduced many new ranges of shampoo products in this country. During the forecast period, many new products are expected to be launched to look to address the growing demand for organic shampoos.


The countries recovery from the Eurozone crisis has increased consumer spending on hair shampoo products in this country and is expected to continue during the forecast period.


Japan is the third largest market for hair shampoo products. The local vendors in this market pose a serious threat to the leading international shampoo brands, and the trend is expected to continue during the forecast period.

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