keyboard_arrow_up Is Now a Revamped Website but with Similar Working Philosophies

Honolulu, January 2, 2014: This press release is to announce the launch of the revamped website of Pacific Accounting & Business Services or PABS as the majority of our clients call us. Since the day we started as a company we have been putting out best efforts to offer comprehensive services to all out clients. To date, none of the people contacting us for finance, accounting and other related back office services have been dissatisfied with our efforts; rather we can proudly declare that we have successfully made every person hiring our services happy. However, when consulting some of our esteemed clients about our official website and the impact it can leave on a visitor we found that majority of them were not too happy with the navigation and appearance of the site.

As our only goal has always been keeping our customers satisfied, such feedback from a large number of our valued clients made us believe that our official website requires a serious revamp. We decided to redesign the website also because we know an unimpressive website can stop us from reaching many people. Today, a large number of people searching the web for service providers from different fields tend to rely on those with a well designed website. We didn’t want to ignore the alarming comment of one of the oldest and most values client; he said "your work is superlative, but your website seem to suggest exactly the opposite".

If you take a look at our new website, which is a refurbished version of the old one, you will instantly know how dedicated we are to make sure that every person visiting the site gets to have a clear idea about our services. There are separate sections for company overview, services, partners and testimonials. If you want to know about the history of our organization, visit the About PABS page. The content of the page will inform you about the mission and vision of Pacific Accounting & Business Services and will also tell you what makes our services special. Do you want to know what kind of services you can expect us to offer? If yes, then a quick look at the "Our Solutions" page should be enough for you to comprehend what we have for you in the plate. The page explains all the major services provided by PABS is brief; if you want to know about them details you can always contact us directly by shooting you questions via an email or faxing us or calling us. If you have enough time, you can even drop by at our city office at 810 Richards Street. For clearing your doubts about the reputation of our firm, there’s the "Client Success" page; visit the page to read testimonials written by customers happy with services provided by us.

Other than revamping the website, we have added a new feature to it; we have started a blog at Visit the blog regularly to stay acquainted with the new events taking place at PABS.