Veterans Nursing Services from RDNS

RDNS offers premier nursing services to veterans. The organisation offers high-standard health and personal care for veterans and war widows/widowers- from diabetes and wound management to palliative care.

[Melbourne, June 26, 2014] -RDNS, Australia's largest provider of home nursing services, brings personal and healthcare assistance to a new level. The organisation is offering veterans nursing services to help veterans and war widows/widowers cope with life-changing events, while ensuring they get proper treatment in the comfort and privacy of their homes.


High-Standard Health and Personal Care


RDNS takes extra steps to make all services available for everybody, regardless of their condition. RDNS nurses will discuss the needs of the patients and help them decide on the most appropriate health and personal care program- from wound care and diabetes, to palliative care, to continence.


The veterans nursing service also includes home visits from RDNS staff. Patients or their family members may get a written referral from the doctor or DVA-authorised personnel to request a home visit from RDNS. During the visits, registered nurses will take care of the patients and reassess their health to provide the best treatment possible.


Costs and Eligibility


Veterans and war widows/widowers must be eligible under the Department of Veterans' Affairs Community Nursing Program to get free coverage for the veterans nursing service. Eligibility may depend on the Repatriation Health Card, the lifestyle and residence, and other healthcare support programs the patient is receiving. RDNS will evaluate the patient's situation to determine eligibility. For those who are not eligible veterans, the organisation can still provide a nursing care program for a certain fee.


RDNS relives its mission of providing personal, tailored healthcare plans. Through their veterans nursing services, the organisation stands by its promise of maintaining the hope and dignity of veterans and war widows/widowers.


About RDNS


Founded in 1885, RDNS is one of the most established charitable organisations in Melbourne. As a not-for-profit charity, the organisation aims to address the health needs of Melbourne's sick and poor through high standard and personalised care. The organisation has provided home nursing and healthcare services to over 9,500 people across Melbourne, certain parts of Victoria, New South Wales, and even New Zealand. RDNS has an estimated number of 1,600 staff members, including1,200 nurses and 120 other staff providing professional healthcare assistance to anyone who requires it.


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