Custom-Made Detached Garage From Wright's Shed Co.

Wright’s Shed Co., a leading garage services company operating primarily in Utah, Nebraska, and Idaho, offers custom-made detached garages. The company talks about their services and products on their website.

[Salt Lake City, 7/8/2014] – Wright’s Shed Co., a premier builder of custom garages, offers high quality detached garages that are built according to the needs of the clients. The company maximizes their resources to produce a custom-made detached garage for a competitive price.

With excellent craftsmanship, the company delivers functional garages that fit the requirements of their clients. Through experienced builders and hands-on approach, they integrate speed with their planning and workmanship.

Features Of The Detached Garage

According to Wright’s Shed Co., they are committed to building durable and quality detached garages that are built to fit the needs of their clients. Their garages include monolithic concrete floors with footing, 50-yr Smart panel sliding and Steel entry door. They also feature lifetime architectural shingles and double top plate along with 3’x3’ window and 8-ft. walls.

Apart from standard-built garages, the company customizes detached garages, offering them in various sizes, shapes and styles. As the company explains, these detached garages are great solutions for too-small basement and garages and small lot areas.

Professional Services

Dedicated to customer satisfaction, the company strives to provide practical and manageable projects for busy homeowners. They offer intricately designed garages that require a great deal of expertise and experience.

The company notes that even the Wright brothers provide a hands-on methodology by participating in the construction. With a team of skilled workers, Wright’s Shed Co. provides professional services with an individualized approach. They assure clients with top quality construction by providing excellent customer service, and by using the finest raw materials.


For more than 14 years, Wright’s Shed Co. has been providing high quality detached garages and custom-made sheds to a huge clientele. The company has applied the concept in gaining and satisfying their customers. They continue to propel the business to success by keeping low overheads and running a debt-free operation. Committed to transparency, they integrate an individualized approach through hands-on construction of the clients’ shed. Through a wealth of experience, they provide quality service to the greater part of Utah, most of Nebraska and Idaho, and several areas in Iowa and South Dakota.

Interested clients may visit to learn more about their shed, chicken coops and other building construction services.