Outrider USA Breaks Records with Adaptive Electric Trike Project on Kickstarter

Outrider USA, maker of high-quality electric trikes, announced today that their Kickstarter campaign was successful, raising $126k to fund development of The Horizon: an adaptive, all-terrain, electric trike for people of many different abilities.

Not only is this Outrider’s first time doing a Kickstarter campaign, they are now the #1 “Most Funded” Kickstarter project in Asheville, NC history. In addition, their campaign is the #2 “Most Funded” electric bike project in Kickstarter history.

“Coming to Kickstarter for funds was critical to get the Horizon to production, but asking the Kickstarter community ‘How do we make this the best product it can possibly be?’ and actually listening to their answers was what made the Horizon project hyper-successful,” said Jesse Lee, Outrider USA Co-Founder.

The Horizon Kickstarter project received national and international media attention for its innovative, accessible design. Outrider USA was featured by Fast Company,  Electric Bike Action magazine, USA Today, Mother Nature Network, Gizmag, Electric Bike Report and many more media outlets.

Breaking Records: An Outrider USA Tradition

Outrider USA is no stranger to breaking records. Outrider’s record setting first and second place finish at the 2012 Pike’s Peak Hillclimb competition has sparked performance oriented innovation in the growing electric bike industry. Additionally, the electric trike company set the a  distance record when Jesse Lee pedaled 173 miles in 12 hours.

Most recently, Tommy Ausherman of Outrider USA, set a new record for speed when he hit 85.9 on his modified electric trike. With the trike weighing just 99 pounds, this sets a new speed record for a sub-100 pound vehicle.

“When you say ‘electric bike’ or ‘electric car’ the first thing that many people think of is ‘limitations’.  Limitations are 0% fun.  So, our attitude toward limits is: Ride faster, ride farther, break records and basically take no prisoners on our way to redefining those limits,” said Tommy Ausherman, Outrider USA Co-Founder.

About The Horizon Kickstarter Campaign

Outrider designed and built the first prototype of The Horizon, but needed funding help with the tooling and production costs of the first production run. With crowdfunding support, they will be able to distribute a portion of this first production run to adaptive centers and rehab facilities across the United States and receive valuable feedback from beta testers.

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About Outrider USA

Outrider USA is located in Fletcher, NC and has produced high performance electric bikes and trikes since 2009.  Formerly known as “FFR Trikes”, Outrider USA has received rave reviews for their line of recumbent electric bikes and trikes.  

“This counts as my favorite test ride of any production electric bike ever.  Outrider trikes are so much fun to ride that anyone spending a day on one… will probably not forget that day for the rest of their life.” -

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