Have You Had Your HVAC Service Call for the Summer?

Have you had your HVAC service performed this summer? If not, there's still time! Even though summer is underway, there's still time to capture a summer's worth of savings. Crawford Services is here to help for all your HVAC service needs. We have provided full maintenance and HVAC service in Dallas for the past 30 years and counting. We can install, warranty and maintain all major brands of HVAC equipment and our professional, licensed technicians will help you find ways to capture energy savings this summer through HVAC service.

At Crawford Services, residential HVAC service and air conditioning replacement are our specialties. We are fully dedicated to keeping our Dallas-Fort Worth clients cool and comfortable from the Texas heat! Just as summer gets hotter and HVAC units need to work harder, many air conditioning units tend to fail or need service. As systems age and as temperatures rise, many units have trouble keeping up or stop working as efficiently as they did before. Don't get stuck in the Texas heat without air conditioning! Call Crawford Services today and we will arrange a time to perform HVAC service on your air conditioning unit. If your system is already struggling to keep up, it's not too late to call us! We can have your HVAC unit up and running in no time.

HVAC service is needed on a yearly basis in order to keep your home HVAC system running smoothly. Crawford Services is dedicated to creating long-term relationships with our customers, and by regularly scheduling HVAC service, we can provide your home HVAC unit with top quality products and service that keep it running efficiently all summer long.

So what can you expect on an HVAC service call? For starters, the Crawford Services technician will examine your heat pump. This only needs a yearly service call, and we'll check belts and filters and replace them as needed before anything breaks down. The technician will also clean or replace the filters of your HVAC system, vacuum out the unit and lubricate the motor. If the unit is not cooling properly when the technician arrives, we'll check the pressure level of the refrigerant as well and make any adjustments as needed. When performing HVAC service, Crawford Services may also advise you of energy upgrades that may benefit your home, such as adding another layer of insulation to the attic. Needing to buy an entirely new system isn't common, but depending on the age of your system this may happen, since HVAC systems need to be replaced every 15 years with regular HVAC service. If you need a new system, Crawford Services has you covered! We provide multiple options such from HVAC service to systems, that will help any home stay cool all summer long.