Headlines Fade, But Need Continues; MAP International Providing Critical Medical Relief Around the World

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Headlines Fade, But Need Continues; MAP International Providing Critical Medical Relief Around the World

$1 Donation Equals $60 in Medicines Delivered to People in Need

ATLANTA (July 3, 2015) -- While headlines about Ebola in West Africa and the earthquake in Nepal have faded, the need for relief to those areas has not. Global health relief organization MAP International continues to provide critical medical supplies to those in need in Africa and Nepal, as well as the Middle East and South America. Supplies range from bandages and pain relievers to vitamin B and antibiotics.  In May and June alone, the value of the shipments to those in need totaled more than $13 million in WAC.

“Major disasters and disease outbreaks capture the public’s attention and generate a strong donor response, but in between those high-profile events, the need to supply medical relief around the world doesn’t stop,” said Steve Stirling, president and CEO of MAP International. “A $1 donation allows us to ship $60 worth of essential medicines and supplies to those in most need.”

Stirling notes that the nonprofit’s pharmaceutical partners, which include Johnson & Johnson and AbbVie, donate medicine and supplies or provide them at reduced cost, which allows any donation to go much further.

In the Middle East:
For the first time, MAP is partnering with United Palestinian Appeal (UPA) to provide medical aid to more than 625,000 people in Gaza. The 6,000 lb. shipment left the U.S. on June 18 and is funded through an ongoing partnership with nonprofit International Relief Teams. It is expected to arrive in mid-July and includes bandages, respirators, eye drops and antibiotics. The shipment is valued at $1.3 million (weighted average cost value).

In Asia:
MAP continues to provide assistance to those injured in the April 25th earthquake in Nepal. So far, more than $1 million in assistance has been sent to the area. The supplies sent include antibiotics, oral rehydration salts and first-aid items that will treat an estimated 95,000 people.

In Africa:
* $3 million in general medical relief to Ethiopia left MAP’s Brunswick headquarters in mid-June and will arrive in late July. 
* The Central African Republic has received 90 MAP Medical Mission Packs that will treat 60,000 people. This $2 million shipment was sent in partnership with nonprofit American Leprosy Missions.
* MAP continues to restock clinics in West Africa that saw their supplies of medicines exhausted during the Ebola outbreak.

In South America and the Caribbean: 
* Haiti received a shipment of 35 MAP Medical Mission Packs. Each pack will treat 700 people. 
* Honduras has received $4.3 million (weighted average cost value) in medicines and general medical needs from May through July. 
* $1.3 million in medicines and other medical needs has been shipped by sea to El Salvador and will reach those in need by mid-July. 

More than $114,000 in personal hygiene supplies were provided to partners in the United States for use at shelters and other areas in critical need.

About MAP International:  MAP International is a global Christian health organization that partners with people living in conditions of poverty to save lives and build healthier families and communities. Known for its 99% efficiency rating, MAP provides medicines, prevents disease and promotes health to create real hope and lasting change.