Strawesome Eco- and Health-Friendly Glass Straws Stop Drinks From Staining Teeth

Fun, healthy, and environmentally-conscious straws make positive impact on families globally

Milford, Michigan — Now you can prevent coffee, tea and other beverages from staining your teeth simply by enjoying them through Strawesome glass straws!

Not only are the artsy, colorful designs of Strawesome fun for the whole family, but these unique handmade glass straws are also safe and practical. Unlike disposable plastic straws, Strawesome glass straws are totally safe to sip from without any worry of melting or leaching toxins into your drinks. They’re perfect for sipping hot, cold, thin and thick drinks alike. (Plus, if you wear lipstick, you’ll transfer less off your lips!) 

Artist Daedra Surowiec and her tech-savvy husband, Brian Surowiec, built Strawesome on the foundation of bettering the world by creating these durable straws, which are the healthy alternative to overused plastic straws. The primary reason for using glass straws over single-use plastic straws is to lessen the load on landfills and to reduce exposure to toxins. 

The Surowiecs receives testimonials from satisfied customers who love drinking from Strawesome glass straws and feel good about protecting their health, as well as making their mark on the health of our planet. To Daedra, this shows how something small can do so much. 

“To think that Strawesome has made such an impact on the lives of families across the globe is truly rewarding,” she said. “People today are becoming more and more health-conscious and concerned about our environment. And by using Strawesome glass straws, it empowers us tree-huggers to implement another small practical change that solves the issues we live to solve.”

Founded in 2009, Strawesome is a family-owned and operated Michigan-based green company with a commitment to health and the environment. Strawesome offers fun, safe and reusable glass drinking straws to people of all ages — making it easy to go green. Every Strawesome straw is handmade in the company’s workshop in Milford, Michigan. 

For more information on Strawesome, including interviews, samples and photos, please contact Daedra Surowiec at or call 313-585-3820 or visit the links below.