Virtual Associates of the United States Become First Choice for Businesses Looking for Extra Help

Virtual Associates Of The United States provides a variety of services to meet the specific needs of any business. They provide highly professional virtual assistants to any industry or business.

A leader in providing virtual help has now become the first choice for businesses looking for extra help without employing a new member of the team. Virtual Associates Of The United States was established in 2007 with the goal to help struggling businesses become successful, providing the best US based experts in Accounting, and Marketing resources. The team of experienced virtual assistants provides Social Media, Translation Services, Web Design, Content Writing, and even Legal Services at great prices.

The company is the perfect choice for small business and start-up entrepreneurs, understanding their needs and offering valuable services at affordable prices. Customers, who use their services, will be able to free up their time for more important business tasks and plans. Here is a list of their services:

- Accounting that includes delivering accurate financial information, decrease in overheads, access to the latest technology, bank-level security encryption, and QuickBooks online training. There are three Accounting Packages available at the price from only $150 a month up to $750 a month.

- Content writing across a variety of industries by virtual writers and editors, who are USA citizens. They can provide high-level web content, articles, white papers, and blog posts targeted to the specific audience for any business.

- Social Media, delivered by tech-savvy assistants, who coordinate multiple networks, understand RSS, newsfeed ranking algorithms, APIs, and more.

- Web Design by American website designers, who can provide their clients with a responsive, intuitive, convenient and remarkable business website.

- Legal Services in civil and criminal fields that include assisting people with appeals, revealing them the available options, helping them find successful attorneys and more. The company does not provide legal representation in the court.

- Translation Services includes Spanish – English translations and proofreading for social media campaigns, blogs, websites, training materials, vision statements, and more.

Virtual Associates Of The United States has now launched a new service offering legal consultations. Depending on what state you live in, we may be able to assist you in court, or can refer you to someone that may be able to represent you. They do offer arbitration assistance, and we can inform people on what options they have for appeals. For people looking for legal advice, from child support, traffic and personal injury, to Arbitration Claim workups, are able to save money while receiving great advice.

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About Virtual Associates Of The United States
Virtual Associates Of The United States provide professional help for people who require experts without hiring a new member of the team. We provide high quality services at affordable rates.