Strength in Numbers: International Dental Implant Association Joins Forces with Las Vegas Charity to Empower Women

Los Angeles, California, March 10, 2014 – As the world grapples with how to handle the latest developments in Ukraine, one thing should be apparent: there is strength in numbers. It took thousands of pro-Western Ukrainian citizens to install a new government and it will take the strength-in-numbers consensus of the United States and Europe to respond to the situation. 

Closer to home, another example of strength in numbers is unfolding in Los Angeles, California. The International Dental Implant Association, a network for influential dental announced that they will be joining forces with the Fundamental Elements Foundation (FEF), an organization dedicated to empowering women while connecting donors to a growing list of charities including, Las Vegas Promise, Project Teddy, Connect-A-Kid, Jamison Albright Foundation for Farrier Scholarships, Global Medical Brigades, So All Have Hope, and Survivors International. 

Founded in Las Vegas, the organization’s mission is to assist women in their time of need and collaborate with funding sources and charitable entities to promote optimal life outcomes by facilitating the engagement of foundational needs for women. The new partnership between the IDIA and FEF will be cemented later this week as one of the FEF’s founding directors, Lisa Song Sutton – who is the current Miss Las Vegas US 2014 – will be attending the IDIA’s 8th Annual Alumni Meeting, where a portion of the proceeds of the event will also aid another charity, the Dr. Garg Foundation, or in Spanish, Fundacion Dr. Garg. 

Breaking from traditional forms of assistance, the newly created Dr. Garg Foundation is “working to revolutionize the quality of Dominican Republic dental care by educating the local doctors, and to provide advanced dental care for patients at no cost” said Dr. Garg, the organization’s founder. “We are excited to have the FEF on board and of course, we welcome Lisa Sutton’s personal involvement and attendance at the IDIA Symposium. She’s an incredible individual whose dynamism is infectious!” 

The Dr. Garg Foundation features a 12-chair clinic with four full time general dentists, one oral maxillofacial surgeon, and one periodontist and will be open three days a month during its initial startup. The clinic is performing implant surgeries, bone grafts, tooth extractions and soft tissue grafts entirely free of charge. Additional capabilities will be added as resources and donations increase. 

“The International Dental Implant Association is dedicated to empowering doctors and impoverished people and the Fundamental Elements Foundation is committed to improving the lives of women in need. This seems like a perfect match and it’s an honor to be in attendance at this year’s 8th annual Symposium and IDIA alumni meeting,” said Lisa Sutton. “I’ve known Dr. Garg for years and this collaboration is a fantastic next-step in our professional relationship. I speak for the rest of the board when I say that the Fundamental Elements Foundation looks forward to working with Fundacion Dr. Garg in the months and years ahead.”  

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