Fire and Life Safety Services from Onepath Systems

Onepath Systems provides fire and life safety services to help business owners protect their properties and employees. Clients can choose among its range of intelligent solutions.

[MARIETTA, March 10, 2014] – Onepath Systems, a premier provider of data center and building technology solutions in the US, offers comprehensive services tailored to every facility’s fire and safety requirements. The company expresses its desire to help business owners protect their people and property against safety hazards and damages caused by fire or any type of work-related accidents.

The intelligent solutions provider takes pride in providing excellent services to a range of customers since 2006. With its solid desire to excel in the industry, the company managed to keep strong and lasting relationships with small and large business owners across the Southeast and other areas in the country.

Protecting People and Investments

The Onepath Systems team knows how important fire and life safety are to employees. They offer services that allow customers to provide a safer working environment for their staff. The company is a one-stop source for all life and safety needs,specializing in designing safety systems and providing reliable budgeting assistance. They use top quality engineering and cost effective practices to keep service costs low. The firm handles all aspects of every project from inspection and installation, to monitoring and maintenance.

System Options

Onepath Systems offers a range of systems to meet every client’s operational needs.The ONYX FirstVision helps firefighters identify the origin and migration of fire from the building lobby. The ONYX Intelligent Sensing Technology reduces nuisance alarms and delivers fast response to common fire signatures. An audible exit sign, ONYX ExitPoint helps building occupants locate the nearest exits. Other systems, such as ONYXWorks and NOTIFY-IP Mass Notification provide information and instruction during a fire or other emergencies.

About Onepath Systems

Onepath Systems is one of the premier fire and safety service providers for businesses, data centers, and building technology solutions in the Southeast. Established in 2006, the company hashelped companies, medical facilities, and schools protect their people and property.Theycontinue to support a growing clientele by improving its business processes and working with reliable partners.They are a NESCO (Engineered Service Company) affiliate and a partner of NOTIFIER® (a Honeywell Company).

Clients can learn more about the company’s fire and safety services by visiting its website at