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Pro touch golf is well recognized for offering unique ProTouch Wedge design features four deep grooves or channels running perpendicular to the leading edge through the back of the bounce. This channel acts like rails as to guide the club head and keeping them square through the swing. There has been less shifting movements in the sand and deep rough surfaces that offers more forgiveness. The sole channel technology also helps in guiding the club head down the swing path, through the ball, toward the target for a more effective green-side bunker shot.

It has been found that there are too many strokes that are lost during a round of golf due to poor wedge play especially the 'touch' shots from off the green that require a shortened back swing. The new wedge design and Sole Channel Technology also brings new confidence to these same difficult shots for players of all skill levels as well. The Sole Channels are designed to encourage a normal square stance and square face at address and impact as well. It thus allows hitting a normal pitch shot with a distance from 80 yards, without having to open your stance, open your club face as well. You can always take the normal swing that you hit every time.

The ProTouch Wedge is able to receive the ground with less of a collision as well. They also allow the club head to interact more effectively with the sand or turf by making a cleaner strike on the ball. The club head also accelerates through the ball that greatly improves the odds of making clean contact with the ball. This will always produce more back spin and offers the golfer more distance control, especially on difficult "touch" shots.

These ProTouch Wedge's Sole Channel sections have zero bounce rate as well. The sole usually moves with the turf and the channels move through the sand instead of colliding with it. There is enough balance as to successfully push the sand to allow the head to slide under the ball. The sand in the bunker may be wet or very shallow and the channels permit the club head to effectively move through the sand with the right amount of bounce.