Aureus Medical, a nationwide leader in healthcare staffing, explains how hands could signal need for knee replacement

Omaha, NE (March 27, 2014) - As travel physical therapy professionals know, the hands and knees help us be as mobile, receptive, and dexterous as possible. But their importance might have a larger anatomical link than previously thought. Travel physical therapy jobs leader, Aureus Medical Group, explains how your hands could signal the need for a knee replacement.

A new study suggests that the length of your ring and index fingers may put you at greater your risk of developing knee osteoarthritis and requiring eventual surgery.

Researchers from the School of Public Health and Preventive Medicine at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia, examined the hands of 14,511 middle-aged and older participants. The subjects were tracked for more than 10 years, and during that time, 580 had total knee replacements. A closer length between their ring and index fingers was associated with a heightened incidence of total knee replacement, study author Dr. Yuanyuan Wang said in a news release from the journal Rheumatology. The association was stronger with fingers on the right hand.

While the researchers couldn't fully explain the new findings, it might be that participants with low index- to ring-finger ratios performed higher-intensity physical activity, thus putting their knees at more risk.

This falls in line with previous studies that have suggested that there may be an association between the ratio of ring and index fingers and athletic ability.

The osteoarthritis big picture
Many travel PT workers see patients with arthritis every day. Osteoarthritis is the most common type of arthritis, making it a major public health concern. The inflammatory condition causes severe disability among patients who suffer from pain and stiffness.

All normal joints and joint tissues constantly undergo some form of natural repair. This is due to the wear and tear that is placed on them by everyday activities, from walking to work to weight workouts in the gym. However, in some people, this repair process becomes faulty, leaving the joints damaged and resulting in osteoarthritis.

While one's body might be predisposed to injuries, there are still methods to lower the chances of developing arthritis or needing surgery. Exercising and losing weight are great remedies to helping prevent joint problems.

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