Canadian Newspaper Posts List Of Gifts For Bridesmaids

The Canadian branch of popular newspaper the Huffington Post recently published an article detailing a series of potentially charming gifts for bridesmaids.

21st May 2014 - The Canadian edition of popular newspaper the Huffington Post recently posted an online article featuring a series of ideas for presents brides can give to their bridesmaidsat their wedding.

The custom of giving presents to the members of the bridal party has been gaining in popularity, as a way to thank them for their invaluable help throughout the process. The aim of the Post’s list is to help overloaded brides gather some ideas for gifts to show their bridesmaidsjust how much they mean to the ‘star’ of the day.

In total, the piece contains twenty potential presents, presented in the form of a slideshow. The selection encompasses all sorts of items, from more practical ideas to gifts based on the personality or interests of each member of the bridal party.

Suggestions for the latter category provided by the feature writer include, for instance, tickets for a music concert (for bridesmaids who enjoy music), a good book (for those fond of reading), chocolates, a potted plant, a massage or spa day or – for brides planning destination weddings – a souvenir to remind the person of their trip to the idyllic wedding location.

More practical gifts also included in this round-up of suggestions include a teapot, a handkerchief, candles, stationery, a bag, personalised cups or photo frames or a notepad.

The writer is careful to consider gifts for every price range, from budget-conscious but still thoughtful items to more extravagant ideas (an all-expenses-paid trip is another of the ideas put forth), and should provide an excellent guide for brides looking to purchase gifts for their bridesmaidsahead of their wedding. The article’s date of publishing is similarly timely, pre-empting the ‘wedding season’ and giving readers a fair amount of time to think about the issue at hand.

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