Agile Business Software Company Competes in Techstars

The agile business software company Kapta is proud to announce that they have been selected as one of the thirteen companies in Techstars Boulder Class of 2014. This highly selective competition is designed to help accelerate deserving companies, and invests $118,000 to approximately ten companies in seven different American cities each year. Kapta’s agile business software company was selected out of thousands of other hopeful applicants.

Techstars, which accepts only 1% of all applicants each year, provides mentorship and networking opportunities with other Techstars alumni. Companies who successfully complete the program average $2 million in investment and work directly with experienced and successful mentors, including the CEO of Twitter, to gain extremely valuable knowledge and hands-on experience to further accelerate their company. While Kapta was chosen due to its unique and intuitive agile business software, designed to help companies grow, companies in any industry are free to apply.


“We are really excited that Kapta is a part of the Techstars Boulder 2014 program. Techstars is an amazing opportunity to surround ourselves with some of the brightest startup minds in the country, and continue to build a high-value, strategic solution for our customers.” Says Kapta founder Alex Raymond.

Companies in the Boulder Class of 2014 will receive $18,000 in seed funding, along with a $100,000 convertible debt note. In addition to these funds, they will receive three months of mentorship and opportunities to pitch to investors and capitalists. Other Techstars program locations include Austin, Chicago, Seattle, and New York City, among several others in the United States and worldwide.


Along with Kapta’s agile business software company, the Boulder Class of 2014 will consist of All4Staff, Bawte, Expensebot, Final Card, Lassy Project, Loop, Quota Deck, Shareable, Sportsy, Varsity, Wellhire, and Wunder.


Company Information: Kapta was founded in 2011 by Alex Raymond, and is currently based in Boulder, CO. The company designs strategy execution software intended to help CEO's reach goals, keep employees focused on a common initiative, and ultimately help businesses grow over time. The software is cloud-based and intended to highlight every individual team member's role in the company's growth, so executives can visibly keep track of their progress. For more information please visit