China Cable Company Adds a New Range of Coaxial Cables to their Inventory

Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China, May 31, 2014: The demand of coaxial cable is growing worldwide at a significant rate. This demand is primarily driven by the rising need of fast internet connectivity and signal transmissions of high definition videos. In order to help meet the data and signal transmission related needs of a wide variety of industries, China based Hangzhou Hongsen Cable Company has developed a new range of coaxial cables. These new high-capacity cables are expected to fuel the growth in the wireless communication, signal transmission and broadcast sectors. 

Among the newly launched cables, the company is getting a huge attention for their RG316 coax cable. This new coaxial cable comes with an inner conductor of Silver Plated Copper covered steel, PTFE dielectric and FEP jacket. The cable has a wide application in wireless communication systems, which are particularly used for military operations. Thus, these cables can be used in a variety of military equipments that are important to build a communication channel between different military units. 

According to the spokesperson of Hongsen Cable, RG6 coaxial cable has been found very suitable for signal transmissions in CCTV and digital video applications. The cable is also used in Local Area Networks and direct satellite broadcasts. With Solid Copper Clad Steel or Annealed Copper conductor, the cable ensures great performance. Its Foam Polyethylene insulation and UV rated jacket, it ensures durability and maintenance-free functioning even in extreme weather conditions. 

Another new cable is their RG401 that can be used in the transmission of radio signals in various industries. The cable is highly desirable in the wireless communication and broadcast sectors, and can provide great performance in signal transmission. Often used in the military equipments, this coaxial cable has durable features because of its Silver Plated Copper conductor. It has PTFE dielectric, but doesn’t have any jacket. 

Hongsen Cable keeps on updating their product range as per the industry requirements. They keep adding new cables to their inventory, and these new coaxial cables are gaining huge popularity across industries. One can learn more about these cables by visiting the website

About Hangzhou Hongsen Cable Co. Ltd. 

Hongsen Cable was established in 2002. The company is a leading manufacturer and supplier of RF & Microwave Coaxial Cables. The high performance cables supplied by them are used in many sectors, such as defense, military, aerospace, telecommunications, TV/satellite, test and measurement markets. The product range includes wireless RF Transmission cable, Semi-Rigid, Semi-Flexible Microwave cable, RG MIL-C-17 Spec Cables, CCTV, CATV/MATV cable, satellite cable, video cable etc. 

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