Assisted Living Search Mistakes To Avoid

Moving your loved one to an assisted living home is one of the most difficult decisions to take. It is a life-changing phase, not only for you but also for the elderly who is going to reside in a new place. However, choosing a suitable senior living facility requires a lot of research and careful consideration. Below is a list of some common mistakes that you should avoid while searching for the right assisted living home for your senior.

  • Choosing a facility based only on proximity: Although it is good if the assisted living home is situated close to your home, it is not wise to ignore the other important aspects while choosing a facility. For instance, if a facility is located a few hours away from your home offers better amenities than the one which is nearby, it is better to choose the former. Selecting an assisted living home based only on proximity may not provide the comfort and quality services that your loved one deserves.

  • Getting over-impressed by appearance: It is important to consider that outer appearance does not always equals good care. Therefore, whenever you set out to look for an assisted living home, make sure you do not just go by the attractiveness and physical setting of the facility. Quality of care is the most important thing to look out for and your decision should be based after collectively looking at all the factors.

  • Making a hasty decision: Never be in a hurry while choosing an assisted living community as you may end up making a wrong decision. It is advised to compare the services offered at least three different facilities before finalizing a particular one for your elderly. Analyze the security features at the facility, treatment services, activities organized by the staff etc. before making any decision.

  • Not reading the contract carefully: It is essential to go through all the terms and conditions specified in the contract to avoid any problems later on. Review the contract properly so that you do not miss out on any important details, such as the fees or other charges that need to be paid. It is best to have complete knowledge about the pricing structure of the facility that you are going to select. Also, be clear about all the rules and regulations to be followed during your loved one’s stay at the assisted living home.

  • Not visiting the facility personally: Before signing the contract, you need to be doubly sure about the level of care that will be provided to your elderly. Hence, you should visit the facility multiple times to see is the staff is compassionate towards the needs of the residents. Take part in the activities organized and check if the residents’ safety is well taken care of. You should also visit the dining area to see if the food is prepared and services in hygienic conditions.

Make sure the assisted living home you choose is well-equipped to provide the care and assistance required for your loved one.