Cabin Interior Equipment Market Driven by Increasing Passenger Travel Growth Rate and Orders for New Aircraft - New Report by MicroMarket Monitor

Aircraft emergency oxygen systems are emergency equipment tailored for commercial aircraft, and planned for use when the cabin pressurization system fails. Aircraft emergency oxygen systems comprises of a number of individual oxygen masks stored in compartments near passenger seats and near areas like lavatories and galleys, and an oxygen source, like a centralized gaseous cylinder or decentralized chemical oxygen generator. The major drivers for this market are the increased passenger travel growth rate and increasing aircraft orders.


On a commercial aircraft, the oxygen supply for the masks in the cabin comes either from a chemical oxygen generator or a centralized oxygen bottle system. The flight deck is always equipped with pressurized oxygen masks. Chemical oxygen generators generate lots of heat when they are activated. When normally placed in their overhead compartments, the heat is slowly dissipated. However, oxygen generators are hazardous when canisters are not in their appropriate place. Pressurized oxygen bottles also are hazardous, not only because the oxygen can turn a small fire into a blaze, but if the high pressure bottles explode. they cause substantial damage.


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Aircraft Flooring System Market


The Aircraft Flooring System is designed to give high light reflectivity from a satin finish for ideal inspection of the aircraft without harsh glare. This floor is one solid color, that helps locate any small parts or tools with ease. The Aircraft Flooring System resists aviation fuel, Skydrol, and other harsh chemicals that may come in contact with the floor. In addition, the AFS will provide a highly chemical resistant and seamless floor for years of service with minimal maintenance.

This market is driven by factors like surging demand of cabinet customization, and the growing number of aircrafts. At the same time, this market also faces restraints like production capacity limitations, economic uncertainties, & volatility. The challenges are meeting customer’s requirements in time, and maintaining quality standards.


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