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Warwickshire, UK (May 27, 2014) -, is a website launched by Payday Loans UK, a loan providing service in UK. The company offers quick easy loans to distressed people who need funds and monetary immediately.

This works in three simple steps, one just has to apply to the services online through simple application. Then, based on certain criteria, the loans will be approved by one of the lender. Then the amount would be sent in to the customer’s account within an hour or even during weekend.

However, there is minimum qualification criteria required before one can apply to the loan services. For the qualification of loan service, the person should be above 18, should have a bank account in UK, should be a resident of UK and should be employed. The loan and the amount of money provided depends upon the salary of the person would be dependent on the monthly salary drawn by the person.

These services are especially helpful to those people who need quick money and want to avoid themselves from getting into any sort of financial obligation which will ultimately cost them to lose their precious property or jewels.

What makes services different and unique is that apart from offering quick money, the company offers the choice of direct deposit in the bank account. Thus, one does not have to wait for a long time before getting the money to use in case of emergency.

Says an insider associated with the company, “We are aware that it is not easy to earn money, more so, it is not easy to save money. Especially, money leaves your hands when one most requires or needs it. Therefore, the loan services are specially designed with factors specially designed for those people who need money immediately. All one has to do is to qualify for the details and apply online.”

“I was in dire need of cash, to fill up my rental expenditure. My salary was spent on the relatives who had come unexpected during our visit and fell sick. A friend of mine suggested the name of I read the conditions online. With simple and easy steps I was able to apply for the loan and get the money immediately in my bank account and clear of my rentals, thus saving a firing to be received from the landlord.”

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