Walls 360 Launches 'Vintage Vegas' Wall Graphics Collection

LAS VEGAS (March 28, 2014) -- Walls 360, the on-demand wall graphics company, today launched an exclusive collection of 'Vintage Vegas' premium, re-positionable wall graphics, featuring exclusive images from the Special Collections Archive at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas Libraries.

Available on-demand to customers globally on March 28, 2014, Walls 360 brings to real-world walls an exclusive slice of Vintage Vegas from the UNLV Libraries Special Collections.

Walls 360 wall graphics are self-adhesive, easy to install, and can be removed and re-hung hundreds of times without losing adhesion, leaving a mark, or damaging surfaces.  Walls 360 wall graphics are created on-demand in the United States, using a premium, re-positionable fabric material that sticks to almost any surface, from walls and windows to ceilings and around corners.

“These images, selected from our extensive collections of rare materials and historic photographs about Las Vegas, capture the excitement and vitality of vintage Vegas,” said David G. Schwartz, Director of the Center for Gaming Research at UNLV Libraries, “It’s wonderful to see these visuals come to life again. We are thrilled to make them available for people to show their Vegas love at home."

"Las Vegas is a city in perpetual transition," according to Tavia Campbell, Founder and COO at Walls 360. "These iconic 'Vintage Vegas' images from the UNLV Special Collections document the history of Las Vegas, now available as large-format, re-positionable wall graphics from Walls 360!"

"The Special Collections archive at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas contains tens of thousands of images of Vintage Vegas at its best", according to John Doffing, Founder and CEO at Walls 360. "We are thrilled to be able to present a selection of this history to Las Vegas lovers worldwide."

"Nothing expresses the Las Vegas ethos more spectacularly than the classic roadside architecture and signage of the Vegas strip," says art critic and conceptual artist Jonathon Keats.  "Printed at architectural scale, the vintage photography in UNLV's special collections let us experience the city of our collective imagination even as that city vanishes and Las Vegas evolves."

About UNLV Special Collections
UNLV Special Collections houses unique, rare, and specialized research material that documents the history, culture and physical environment of the city of Las Vegas, the Southern Nevada region, the gaming industry, and the University of Nevada Las Vegas. The collections include books, pamphlets, posters, serials and periodicals, scrapbooks, archives and manuscripts, maps, architectural drawings, photographs, video and audio tapes.

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About UNLV Libraries
In support of the University’s mission and shared values, the Libraries contribute to and support self-sufficient learners who can discover, access, and use information effectively for academic success, research, and life-long learning. As the only research library in Southern Nevada, UNLV Libraries has a strong community mission:  open to the public; providing resources and expert consultations to members of the business community; serving UNLV alumni; reaching out to k-12 professionals; and aggressively documenting the region’s history through two research centers and Special Collections.

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About Walls 360, Inc.
Walls 360 creates  amazing wall graphics for artists, designers, photographers, brands, and digital content partners worldwide. Walls 360 wall graphics are created  on-demand at the Walls 360 wall graphics factory in Las Vegas, Nevada,  and shipped to customers globally.
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All Images Courtesy of UNLV Special Collections.


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