4 Disconnects In The Hiring Process That Could Be Costing You Valuable Talent

Careerbuilder released a survey of 374 HR professionals and 319 job candidates asking them how technology degrades the hiring process. Here are a few problems reported.

Disconnect #1:

53% of HR professionals believe a long application process helps to screen out unenthusiastic job candidates. Unfortunately for employers, over 60% of job candidates reported that they started an application process but dropped out because it was too complicated or lengthy. Just how long and complicated of a procedure are candidates enduring? 54% of HR professionals report that their process takes over 20 minutes to complete but over 60% of job seekers feel it should take no more than 20 minutes and nearly 30% feel it should not take more than 10 minutes! Here we have a huge disconnect. Job candidates, especially passive candidates not necessarily as hungry as active job seekers, are removing themselves from contention to avoid a lengthy and possibly unfruitful hiring process.

Disconnect #2:

The survey suggests that three-fourths of job candidates never hear back from the employer after applying or they receive no more than an automated response after hitting “submit.” The survey reveals that 62% percent of job candidates expect more personalized responses, and a startling 67% expect a phone call. Again we have another disconnect between employers’ and candidates’ expectations, which not only is detrimental to the candidate experience, but also to the employer’s brand. According to an early 2013 survey, 32% of candidates would be less likely to purchase an employer’s products if they did not hear back from them after the application process.

Disconnect #3:

According to an early 2014 survey, 72% of active job candidates and 62% of passive job candidates use mobile devices to preview a company’s website and yet only 20% of recruiting leaders claim to have a mobile optimized website. According to the Careerbuilder survey, 46% of HR professionals do not allow access to their ATS through a mobile device. In fact only 26% feel that the ability to apply to a job over a mobile device should be considered. The big problem here though is that when job candidates cannot apply over their mobile device, as much as 65% of them will not go to a desktop or laptop computer to finish the application. Again, another huge disconnect and another means by which employers are missing top talent.

Disconnect #4:

Lastly, 36% of employers aren’t re-engaging viable candidates who were passed over for past opportunities. 28% claimed they have no time to do so. There are, however, current technologies, for example, that allow hiring managers to efficiently compare the recorded responses of previously video interviewed candidates. This allows them to engage a pool of potentials who already expressed interest in the opportunity and the company, without investing serious money into recruiting efforts.

At any given time 3.5 million jobs remain vacant because many employers claim they can’t find qualified individuals. Addressing the issues identified above can ensure that more top candidates are engaged in the hiring process.

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