Nation Quote Bringing Truth, Trust and Transparency Back Into the Insurance Sector

April 5, 2014 – In a move to bolster their bid to instill truth, trust and transparency within the insurance industry, Nation Quote has roped in the services of Mathew W Brownfield as Chief Technology Officer (CTO), who is all geared up to serve as the company’s top technology architect.


Brownfield, who was visibly excited at the prospect of helping Nation Quote continue on their path to building their Brand and the Nation’s Biggest Online Insurance Directory, couldn’t have found a better setup to become a big part of, as Nation Quote’s vision falls directly in line with his philosophy. “I am excited to be joining the Nation Quote family and being afforded the opportunity to help the Nation Quote team continue to build both their Brand and the Nation’s Largest Online Insurance Directory that continues to add value to both customers and agents within the insurance world,” he exclaimed.


With years of accumulated experience under his belt, Brownfield brings with him a combination of strong analytical skills and the ability to draw upon the knowledge of the teams he works with. “I view Nation Quote’s entry into this niche as a key catalyst to facilitate the industry growth that so many within the Industry have been longing for, while doing so through a Technologically Advanced solution for both consumers and agents!”, Brownfield concludes. In this way, future business decisions of Nation Quote, especially those in direct relation to the IT field, will be based on the current knowledge held by the group, as well as their progressive skill set. This builds a solid foundation over which high levels of performance will be maintained, streamlining Nation Quote’s mission to add value to consumers and agents that are active in the Insurance world.


Mathew W Brownfield’s entry into Nation Quote’s corporate realms is definitely a marriage made in heaven, mostly because of the common vision shared between the two parties, which is simply to instill high levels of quality control into the often enigmatic insurance sector.



Mathew W Brownfield is the newest member of Nation Quote, a group of dedicated Insurance Professionals boasting over six decades of collective experience in the insurance industry. Brownfield has been self-employed as CEO of CyTech since 2009 and also serves as an Adjunct Professor of Computer Science for Career Education Corporation.


Having also worked for the likes of Sprint, PODS and VeriSign, as well as serving as a Market Analyst for The Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN), Nation Quote’s new Chief Technology Officer (CTO) is all set to serve as the company’s top technology architect.


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