Nepal – The land of the highest peak, Mount Everest

The capital of India is Delhi and is like heart of India with the best of culture, food, people, lifestyle, shopping, and tourist places and of course the famous India Gate. Just the way Delhi is capital and heart of India, there is our neighbor Nepal whose capital and heart is Kathmandu. So commuting between these two important cities becomes a matter of concern. But thanks to the modernized technology and growing globalization the distance between these cities has shortened as there are regular Delhi to Kathmandu flights and many flight operating companies like spice jet, indigo, etc even have discount offers to get you cheap international flights.

When you’re in Kathmandu there are a number places that you should visit because tourism is what Kathmandu is famous for and that is the sector on which its economy mainly depends upon. Most of the people here depend upon works that are mostly related to the tourism industry. The tourists here are mostly religious one or are pilgrims of either Hindu or Buddhist religion. The favorite destination of these tourists is usually the Pashupatinath Temple which is temple of Lord Shiva (Hindu Deity) and is settled along the edges of the River Bagmati. The temple has been built in the structure as that of a pagoda and even the interiors and the intricate carvings won’t fail to amaze you. It is a Hindu Temple and only Hindus are allowed here who mark their presence in large numbers.

Another attraction for pilgrims here is the temple of Boudhnath that turns out to be the largest temple in Nepal which is usually visited by the Buddhist in large numbers. Also the stupa of this temple is the largest making this temple a World Heritage Site as per the UNESCO. Also the bricks in the temple have inscriptions of mantras on them. Then we have Swayambhu which again is a Buddhist tourist spot but even Hindus visit here and is has an idol of Buddha towards its base where the statue keeps looking in four directions. Then here is temple of Changu Narayan in the valley of Kathmandu which is a Hindu Temple, and is amongst the oldest Hindu Temple constructed in the ancient era. This temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and is again a World Heritage Site as declared by the UNESCO. The arts and culture in Kathmandu is itself a tourist attraction and the most of it is found in the Kathmandu Valley, where one can find sculptures, artworks made up wood, stone, metal and even terracotta and these artworks are us ually dedicated to the gods and goddesses by the artists. The city also has a number of Museums and Art galleries to get you closer to the culture and history of Nepal.

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