Causes of failure of cylindrical roller bearing installation

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Bearing should be taken before installation with petrol or kerosene wash clean, dry after use, and to ensure good lubrication, grease lubrication, commonly used bearing lubrication may be adopted. Using grease lubrication, should choose without impurities, antioxidant, antirust, superior performance, such as extreme pressure grease. Grease filling quantity of cylindrical roller bearing and the bearing box volume of 30% 60%, unfavorable and overmuch. With sealing structure of double row cylindrical roller bearing and the pump shaft bearing has good filling grease, users can directly use, not for cleaning.

Bearing installation, it must be in the ring width on the circumference of a circle of equal pressure, to press the ring into, can not use Lang top tools directly hit timken bearing face, in order to avoid damage to the bearings. In the case of a small amount of interference, but at room temperature with the sleeve pin bearing ring end face, use Lang head banging on sleeve, through the sleeve ring balanced pressure. If large quantities of installation, can use hydraulic press. Fashionable, should guarantee the outer end face and the shell shoulder end face, inner ring end face and the shaft shoulder end face pressure, there is no gap.

The installation of the bearing should be carried out in a dry, clean environment conditions. Before installation should carefully check the shaft and the shell surface, convex shoulder of end face and groove and the connection surface machining quality. All matching connection surface must be carefully cleaned and remove burrs, rough surface must remove all sand castings. When large amounts of interference, can use oil bath heating or heating bearing method to install the sensor, the heating temperature range of 80 ℃ to 100 ℃, the highest must not exceed 120 ℃. At the same time, nut or other appropriate method is applied to tighten the bearing, in order to prevent the bearing width after cooling contraction and make the clearance between the ring and the shaft shoulder.

Bearing installation last should undertake clearance adjustment. Clearance value should be used according to different conditions and cooperate with the amount of interference and specify the size. When necessary, shall be tested to determine. Double row cylindrical roller bearing and water pump shaft bearing in have been adjusted when delivery from factory clearance, installation time don't have to adjust.

Bearing installation should rotate after the test, first of all to the axis of rotation or bearing box, without exception, with a power of no load, low speed, then according to the condition of operation gradually increase the speed and load, and detection noise, vibration and temperature rise, found abnormal, should stop and check. Running test normal rear deliverables.

Contact fatigue failure is one of the most common failure modes of various kinds of imported bearings, are imported bearing surface contact stress by cycle repeatedly function failure. Bearing parts surface contact fatigue spalling is a fatigue crack in the process of crack initiation and extension. Initial contact fatigue crack first from the maximum orthogonal shearing stress under contact surface, and then extended to form a hemp dot spalling or small exfoliate, the former is called pitting corrosion or pitting peeling; The latter is called the shallow flaking. Such as the initial crack on the border of hardening layer and the core area, caused the early spalling of hardening layer, it is called a hardening layer peeling off.

Is one of the most common failure modes of all kinds of bearing surface. Bearing parts between the relative sliding friction causes the surface of the metal loss known as sliding friction losses. Continue to wear will make the parts size and shape change, timken bearing fit clearance increases, working surface morphology becomes bad, thus loss of rotary precision cylindrical roller bearing cannot work normally. Sliding wear forms can be divided into the abrasive wear, adhesive wear and corrosive wear and fretting wear, etc., one of the most common for abrasive wear and adhesive wear.