'Mattress Pads': These mattress pads give a marvelous means of ‘Extra Cushioning and Support’. Ensure your night is more comfortable and wake up feeling pleasant and refreshed!

Additional cushioning and support in the form of a thick sheet primarily made of foam and designed to be laid on an existing mattress is generally known as the ‘Mattress Pad’.

A simple ‘Mattress Pad’ works as a cover sheet protector for mattresses. They are designed to act as a barrier between the mattress and the bed sheet, minimizing body soil to the mattress. Mattress toppers provide a layer of added comfort and extend the mattresses life.

Mattress bed toppers, ‘Mattress Pads’, and mattress toppers are all designed to be laid atop an existing mattress. Mattress bed pads also serve the purpose of protecting the mattress. Specific mattress pads fit over the entire mattress, similar to a fitted bed sheet. Some mattress toppers cover only the top of the mattress and use straps at the corners to stay attached.

Almost every ‘Mattress Pad’ will be fitted with a plastic sheet that prevents any contact with the mattress and thereby avoiding any potential damage to the mattress. Bathroom accidents may occur during the night, especially for children, and using a plastic mattress protector is the best way to protect your mattress from stains and bacteria. Those who suffer from incontinence issues no longer need to worry, mattress pads work as a leak guard barrier to protect your mattress.

These 'Mattress Pads' let you rest easy during the night giving a contoured profile that helps facilitate airflow. Choose between various fillings and materials. The inside materials can be easily removed in order to air out and clean, allowing the bed to be kept fresh and inviting.

'Mattress Pads' and bed toppers are available in a variety of styles and are used for several different purposes. Some important types of 'Mattress Pads' include:

Waterproof Pads:

Waterproof pads have a plastic or rubber backing that does not allow fluid to touch the mattress and are specifically designed for those who have urinary incontinence. Waterproof pads are also known as allergen-resistant 'Mattress Pads' and can make your mattress hot and uncomfortable to sleep on. Continuous movement on waterproof pads can create noise and can be distracting to fall asleep.

Allergy Control Pads:

Allergy control 'Mattress Pads' conceal the entire mattress and close with a zipper or other tight fastening. Additional fitted allergy control pillow covers produce the best protection results in order to fight against dust mites and allergens. The purpose of these allergy control 'Mattress Pads' is to help limit exposure to the causes of the allergies. People allergic to dust mites or household dust will be the main beneficiaries of these specific style 'Mattress Pads' and bedding.

Dirt Control Pads:

Dirt control 'Mattress Pads' are meant to keep everyday dirt from working its way into the mattress surface. These 'Mattress Pads' help the sheet stay in place, but do not protect as well against liquids when compared to the plastic backed covers and waterproof 'Mattress Pads'.

Cushioning Pads:

Cushioning pads are designed to offer extra cushioning or support and often these 'Mattress Pads' look like a thin mattress. In addition to cushioning pads made of all cotton, they can also be made with a cotton cover that is stuffed with a silk-synthetic fiber fill or feathers.

Foam Pads:

Memory foam or visco-elastic foam, is a synthetic product that molds itself to the body of the sleeper providing comfort and support. Visco-elastic foam 'Mattress Pads' are generally used in medical institutions because of their pressure relieving properties.

The ultimate purpose of 'Mattress Pads' is to ensure your mattress life is extended and guarantee a comfortable rest each night in order to wake up feeling relaxed and refreshed!

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