Schedule a Roof Tune Up and Save $55 with Rainy Day Services

Rainy Day Services has announced an offer which will let its customer save up to $55. In addition they will get many other added benefits. Read on to know more.

Rainy Day Services is a renowned home restoration company with its headquarters in Texas. It has been providing top class services ever since it was established in the year 1999.  The company offers its services in Dallas, Flower Mound, Fairview, Highland Village, Plano, Richardson, Lewisville and other neighboring regions. It has recently announced an amazing roof protection deal. This offer has been announced to encourage the practice of roof checking and restoration amongst homeowners.

This offer that was officially broadcasted by the company has made roof repairing and protection more affordable. Shedding more light on this offer, the company’s official spokesperson said that “while scheduling a tune up a customer will be able to save up to $55 by additionally signing up for a roof protection plan. But that is not all. The roof protection plan that you will be opting for, also includes a semi-annual roof inspection. Tune ups will also be provided along with the half yearly roof inspection. That will take into account sealing and repairing pipes, vents, torn shingles and holes. Securing loose shingles and flashings is also included. Thus you will be getting services worth a total of $500. Apart from all of this, there is something more to this offer. Once the customer claims this deal they will be getting 10% off on all other future roofing services and a bonus of up to $250 discount on roof replacement. So all this sums up to a total work value of $750.”

The various roofing services provided by the Rainy Day Roofing & Exteriors include installation, repairing, ventilation, maintenance and emergency efficiency. Roof repairing is an important part of house maintenance. It keeps your home water resistant and pest free. All the services offered by this company have a minimum expiration date of 5 years. Plus all their construction workers have been with the company for the past 10 years and are completely reliable.

“There is a common misconception amongst people that roof repair and protection is only required during emergency situations. But as a matter fact a temporary damage caused by a rain, storm or some other reason may lead many a permanent impairment like molds, mildew, leakage etc.  Thus it is very much important that people should understand the benefits of roof protection. Some of these include avoiding costly replacement, risky sinking of roof and preservation of solid structures. The tune up will keep your house, attic and other places dry and safe. And unlike other contractors in the neighboring territory we tend to all of our customers queries and requests. In addition we make sure that we deliver our services with full diligence and within the estimated time limit,” further added the company’s official spokesperson.

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About the company

Rainy Day Roofing & Exteriors headquartered in Texas has been offering services since 1999. The company has a team of experts which provides best roofing repairs and maintenance in the industry. They promise 30 day money back guarantee with five years of warranty on all labor.