Why Development? – An Enterprise Overview

Based on Microsoft’s Active Server Pages (ASP) technology and .Net framework, is a web application development framework. Ranging from dynamic websites to web services, industry / business specific web applications to solutions for CRM, CMS and Ecommerce, development has always been a reliable approach to comprise all these. It provides superior control and is considered as superior to various other scripting languages and technologies (this includes ASP). Besides, its Common Language Runtime (CLR) interface allows the developers to write the code in any supported .net language. This flexibility allows the developers the freedom to access and integrate multiple programming languages, and at the same time it allows to design robust and reliable applications.

Inevitable to say that business enterprises around the world are on a constant look out for robust technology oriented solution that can meet their chronic business requirement. Most importantly, they are searching for a solution which is in-budget and based on a technology which is flexible, and which they can rely on. is one such technology which has always encircled these requirements of the enterprises for many years. Integration of technological paradigms such as SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) and language interoperability with CLR allows it to provide not only a robust and reliable solution but a solution that can perform really well and can integrate with the systems. language interoperability allows it to support languages such C, C++, C#,, Silverlight, Ajax / jQuery, as well as JavaScript and many more. This flexibility further allows the development the flexibility to develop any enterprise, business or industry oriented applications. Whether there is a requirement of applications such as insurance agency management software for insurance industry or banking software for banking industry , or perhaps the need of solutions for custom CRM, CMS or ecommerce or website development, proves to be a profitable answer to encircle all these requirements by providing quick, reliable, robust and easy to use solution.

Major Advantages of Development

·         Delivers a wide range of solutions including dynamic websites, web applications, web services, custom CMS & CRM, ecommerce, etc.

·         Language interoperability which allows to support an array of .net languages including C#, C++,, Silverlight, Ajax, jQuery, etc.

·         Quick deployment and robust quality solutions.

·         Reduces the amount of code required to build large enterprise class applications.

·         Integration of Windows per application authentication makes sure to deliver safe and secure solutions.

·         Integration of SOAP extension that allows to components to process SOAP messages.

Enterprises always have a chronic business requirement; development is one such technology that has always been able to comprise all these chronic business requirements by offering them an array of solutions which can integrate well in their system and can bring value to their business.