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We try to accommodate everyone here at Playful Escorts and so we understand that some of you prefer to visit our in call escorts in London. That could be because you share your accommodation with a flatmate or your wife for that matter or it could be because you have very nosey neighbors. Sometimes it’s just because it’s easier to keep the whole thing discreet and anonymous if it’s you that visits her rather than inviting a strange girl into. We understand totally and that is why we have a separate gallery that groups all our in call escorts together so it couldn't be easier to make a decision about who to visit. Location wise you tend to find that the majority of girls cluster around Central London because that offers the biggest choice of clients but if you are looking for a girl in a specific area it is always worth using our postcode search to try to identify any girls that might be closer to home. Failing all that my suggestion is that you call us because you can’t view the whole picture just be looking at the website. We have lots of girls who don’t appear on the website for various reasons so it is always worth giving us a call and finding out which London escorts are available and where. Please remember there is always an alternative, that’s the most important thing to remember in life, that you always have an option if you look hard enough. Escort agencies are no different in that respect, so give us a call anytime and let us find a solution to your problem.

 The majority of in call apartments are very nicely appointed. They all have shower facilities so you can get clean before and after getting dirty. You’re escort girl can join you if you like and give a good scrub to those hard to get places. That seems a great way to start a sensual encounter, a good lathering. That reminds me of a holiday I once had in Turkey where we went to a traditional Turkish bath and had one of their soapy massages. What a fantastic experience that was and that was with a 50 year old fat hairy Turkish man doing the massage. I can only imagine what it would have been like if I could have substituted Carmen into the mix. It would be awesome and whilst I can’t promise you a Turkish massage I can point you in the direction of one of our in call escorts in London who will be able to meet your every need. So if you don’t have anywhere suitable to entertain one of our young ladies, then don’t despair because we have girls who can do the entertaining at their place. You can discreetly come and go without anyone accept our in call escort knowing that you’ve even been there.