Healy Consultants Validate Excellent Company Incorporation – India

Singapore City, Singapore – March 18th, 2014 - Singapore-based Healy Consultants has successfully demonstrated its ability to incorporate a company in India without having clients with travel for formalities.

The minimum paid up share capital for an Indian LLC is US $1,615.The average monthly salary of the staff in India is US$295 according to The International Labor Organization (ILO). Average energy costs are low in India at 8 cents per Kw-hour, compared to western countries where the costs can be higher than 20 cents. India’s average annual rental costs for office space are also low at US$1 per square feet.

India has amongst the lowest consumer cost index in the world. Consequently, foreign entrepreneurs will find it easier to establish an India business setup. Business in India will require entrepreneurs to move within the major metropolitan cities (Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore etc.) which are connected by cheap flights, costing on an average just US$88.

Manufacturing Company Setup in India

India is an excellent country to setup a manufacturing company.India has 170 Special Economic Zones that allow firms to be tax exempt for the first 5 years, 50% tax exempt in the next 5 and 50% tax exempt on re-invested export profit for next 5 years.The Indian Government offers incentives for manufacturing firms including i) companies involved in infrastructure projects and power projects can are offered tax holidays for up to 5 years ii) approved R & D projects receive funding and iii) tax credits and insurance guarantees for export companies.India has the world’s second largest labor market with 487 million people. The overall literacy rate is 74% and 54% of these individuals are below 25 years of age. Furthermore, a massive supply of unskilled labor (360 million) is available who work at an average monthly wage of US$80.Warehouse/factory rental costs are very low in the country at just US$1 per square feet.

Every year, India produces around 3 million engineering and doctoral graduates, which is more than USA and China together. India is a great option if an entrepreneur is looking to hire educated and skilled workforce. English is the primary business language, with over 125 million speakers in the country, making it easy for foreign entrepreneurs to interact with consumer and suppliers. It is fairly easy to get credit in India and hence foreign businessmen will find it easy to expand their operations here. Consumer demand, both domestically and globally, for Indian services industry is very high.

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