Castle Group Founder and CEO, James Donnelly, Interviewed by Entrepreneur Radio Donnelly Discusses his Leap from CPA to CEO and the Benefits of Being an Introverted Entrepreneur

 Plantation, FL – August 12, 2015 – Castle Group’s Founder and CEO, James Donnelly, made a special appearance on Entrepreneur Radio to discuss lessons learned from his entrepreneurial journey. Donnelly explains why he entered business as a CPA and how he eventually became the self-made entrepreneur and leader he is today.  

Donnelly acknowledges that his first attempts at entrepreneurship had mixed results, and emphasizes the importance of being flexible when starting a business. “Today they call it being agile and strategic pivots, at the time I called it survival”, says Donnelly

“When I started my entrepreneurial track, it wasn’t like I had some aspirational goal or purpose. That evolves,” Donnelly says. “My early failures as a businessman helped me understand the best ways to structure a successful business model.”

Introverted by nature, Donnelly finds that trust is the most critical variable in forming partnerships and establishing unified teams.

“I’m an introvert, but I have to lead over 1,000 employees,” Donnelly explains. “You can’t do it all yourself. It is critical to any good partnership that you’re structurally aligned. At Castle, we all have the same goals in mind.”

To learn more about Donnelly’s journey and insights, you can hear the entire interview here.

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About Castle Group

Castle Group is Florida's choice for Community Management, specializing in serving the finest Condominium and Homeowner Associations throughout the state. The company's philosophy is an unwavering focus on the Resident experience; at Castle it is called Royal Service℠. Castle is owned by CPAs that oversee a powerful combination of incredible people, streamlined systems, and advanced technology. Since no two properties are identical, Castle has created a menu of services that allows customers to create a solution that fits their needs. Castle does not manage an exceptional number of communities, just a number of exceptional ones.