Rhodes+Brito Architects complete design of renovation to WKMG Local 6 Television’s News Room / offices on John Young Parkway in Orlando

ORLANDO, Fla. --- Rhodes+Brito Architects in Orlando has recently completed the design for renovations to WKMG Local 6 Television’s news room / offices on John Young Parkway.

Ruffin Rhodes, co-founder and partner at Rhodes+Brito, said the design will create an energetic and open news room on the first floor where editors, producers, reporters, and production staff work to report the news.

The space and materials were designed to facilitate collaboration, having the main area open to daylight and views and with offices towards the interior having glass panels and doors. 

On the second floor the theme of creating an energetic and collaborative work environment continues in the business and sales office areas.  

Features on the second floor include conference rooms tailored to accommodate either business meetings or a black box viewing room experience for client presentations. 

Offices and the staff lounge/training room on this floor are designed with glass panels and doors to improve natural lighting and foster a collaborative environment. 

The approximately 26,500 square feet being renovated within this 55,000 square foot news facility will include updated, eco-friendly technologies such as LED lighting and many flat panel displays used to keep a finger on the pulse of the constant flow of information received by the television station. Construction will begin in June.